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Marquette Redettes Girls Basketball takes a loss to Menominee Maroons (47-42) on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and GTO 97.5

Marquette Redettes VS Menominee Maroons on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and GTO 97.5

Introducing the Redettes!

Menominee, Michigan02/22/2018– The Marquette Redettes traveled to Menominee to take on the Maroons for the final game in the season. The Redettes came into this game a 14-5 while the Maroons were 8-11. Luke Ghiardi brought you all of the play-by-play action on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and GTO 97.5.

The Redettes won the tip-off to start off this ball game. After the Maroons scored three points, Stasha Warchock tied the game with three points of her own for the Redettes. The first quarter was low-scoring for both teams but the Marquette Redettes had great defense all through out. Mo Miller banked in a three pointer at the buzzer to tie the game 6-6. The score tied three times in the third before Kendell Klatt, Maroon, scored three points all in free-throws. The Maroons held the lead into the second half with a score of 18-16.

Marquette Redettes VS Menominee Maroons on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and GTO 97.5

Redettes practicing.

Claudia Hale scored a three pointer within the first few minutes of the third quarter to tie the game up again, 20-20. It was another slow moving quarter for scoring. Just as it looked like the Maroons were going to hold their lead, Sydney Kivvi broke through for the Redettes and scored four points to bring the deficit down to one. 27-26 was the score at the end of three. The fourth quarter moved a little faster. Aspen Michelin tied the game up for the Redettes for the first time since the first quarter with her old-fashioned play.  Emma Anderson and Emma Hofer both scored huge three pointers for the Maroons and took back the lead over the Redettes. To bring it back to a one point game, Aspen Michelin scored a three pointer for the Redettes. After Marquette regained possession Avery Ledy scored and put the Redettes into the lead. It looked like Marquette was going to win this game by one point but Makenzie Wellner, of the Maroons, scored one of her two free-throws and tied the game with one second to go 36-36. The Maroons won the tip-off in the over-time. After a long fight through over-time the Maroons took the win over the Redettes 47-42.

Marquette Redettes- 42
Menominee Maroons- 47

STATS: Avery Ledy was the main scorer for the Redettes as she had 12 points. Sydney Kivi had 7 points. With 5 points was Mo Miller, Stasha Warchock, and Ellie Hicks. Claudia Hale and Bridget Pliska both scored 3 points. To round off the scoring for Marquette, Sophia Bartlett had 2 points.

LISTEN LIVE- Marquette Redettes are defeated by Menominee Maroons on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and GTO 97.5

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