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The Gwinn Modeltowners lose to the Calumet Copper Kings

Calumet, Michigan 9/25/2020 – The Gwinn Modeltowners took on the Calumet Copper Kings in Calumet on Friday night, and it was a game that ended in a way I have not seen. The drive up to Calumet was beautiful. I remember making the same drive 20+ years ago to play against the Copper Kings. “Feet Up,” as we crossed each railroad crossing on the route to the Copper Country. Both Teams were 0-1 going into the game. Late Fall storms were expected. It’s the year 2020, what else could happen?

The Copper Kings, on their first snap of their first possession of the game, went on a 50+ yard sweep by #36 Dryden Nelson. The Modeltowner’s couldn’t gain much momentum on the ground offensively in the first quarter.

The Towner defensive made an amazing goal line stand early in the 2nd quarter, which provided a spark on the Towner sideline. Late in the 2nd quarter, Gwinn’s offensive showed positive movement, but were unable to capitalize before halftime.

The expected storm decided to show up at halftime. Lightning lit up the sky, and rain started to fall. The game was going to be called. But, with only two quarters of game played, it wasn’t an official game. To start the 3rd quarter, one player from Calumet to the field to kick the ball. One player from Gwinn was on the field to catch the kick-off. Ball was caught, a knee was taken, and the ball game was over. And Calumet was the victors 27 to 0 over the Modeltowners.

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