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The Two Greatest Words in Sports: Game Seven

Madison Bumgarner has dominated the World Series so far.  Will he get the chance to pitch tonight?

Madison Bumgarner has dominated the World Series so far. Will he get the chance to pitch tonight?

MARQUETTE, MI – 10/29/2014 – Well, no matter what the outcome is tonight, the 2014 Major League Baseball season is coming to an end.  The Kansas City Royals trailed the series 3-2 going into last night’s game six, but extended their season with a 10-0 win over the San Fransisco Giants, leading to a game seven.  The words send chills down every athlete, coach, and fan’s spine.  It’s winner take all.  Football doesn’t have it, but it doesn’t need it.  The other three major sports in America all have the potential for it though.  The NHL & NBA have regular seasons that last 82 games each, and the MLB has a season that lasts 162 games!  That, combined with a few playoff series here and there, add up to one game.  One.  Game.  The Giants & Royals have weeded themselves out of the rest of the league by playing roughly 180 games, and it all comes down to tonight.  Corny as it sounds, it’s kind of beautiful.  One game that will change two cities’ attitudes for the next few months.  If they Giants win, they’ll become a dynasty.  It will be their third championship in five years.  For the Royals, they haven’t won the series since 1985, and have been the “up & coming” team for the past few seasons.  After losing the division to my Detroit Tigers, they pulled themselves up from their bootstraps and won the Wild Card against Oakland and went on to sweep the two best teams in the American League out of the playoffs.  It’s going to be a fun night.  Tune in and appreciate it, even if you have no rooting interest.

GAME-7 History

  • It’s the 37th occurrence of a game seven in World Series history (out of 109 WS).  The New York Yankees & St. Louis Cardinals have each been involved in 11 of those 37.  The last road team to win one was the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates.  Since then, nine teams have won the Series at home in game sevens.
  • The NBA has 18 occurrences of a game seven.  The most recent being Miami’s defeat of the San Antonio Spurs in 2013.  The Los Angeles Lakers lead the way in participation of game sevens, playing in nine with the Boston Celtics being a close second with eight.  The two most legendary franchises in the NBA have met in an NBA Finals game seven an astounding five times, with the Celtics winning four of them.  The Lakers did win the last one though, back in 2010 83-79.
  • In the NHL, there have been 16 game sevens, six of those since the turn of the century.  The Detroit RedWings have been involved in seven of those, the most in league history.  They’ve haven’t fared so well in those contests, going 3-4.   The most recent one featured the Boston Bruins shutting out the Vancouver Canucks.


The NBA & NHL have a combined 34 game sevens in Finals history to the MLB's 37.

The NBA & NHL have a combined 34 game sevens in Finals history to the MLB’s 37.

As I said above, there may not be a lot of people with an actual rooting interest in either of these teams in the Upper Peninsula.  Tune in anyway.  Appreciate the work these guys have put in, and enjoy as another portion of sporting history is made!

-Carl Leander Johnson


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