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Mid-Peninsula Conference Composite Basketball Schedule: Feb. 2nd – Feb. 7th

The Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball vs Iron Mountain Mountaineer on Sunny.FM 01/27/15

The Mountaineers made a big statement last Tuesday, holding the Negaunee Miners to just 17 points. With players like Carson Wonders, Jake Thommin & Tanner Huotori, the Mountaineers are going to be tough to beat.

MARQUETTE, MI – 2/2/2015 – Another week gone.  For most teams, the halfway point has been past and “early season struggles” should be over with.  Some teams are still grasping offensive concepts, such as the Miner boys, who laid an offensive stinker of historic proportions in Iron Mountain last Tuesday; scoring just 17 points.  Meanwhile, Gwinn & Ishpeming combined for just 64 points in their game last week, showing that this is truly a year of defense in the conference.  Another example of the defensive mentality is the undefeated Mountaineers, who averaged just 37 points per game, but only allowed 25.5 ppg in their two wins last week.  The Mountaineers now are in complete control of their destiny to finish as the sole MPC champion, where the Miners control theirs to be co-champions, and the ModelTowners & Hematites will need a bit of help to claim the crown.

The Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball vs Ishpeming Hematites on Sunny.FM 01/26/15.

The Ishpeming Lady Hematites took a stranglehold on the conference lead with a 46-37 win IN Negaunee last Monday.

For the girls, the Hematites knocked off what many would consider their two biggest rivals in Negaunee & Westwood.  Ishpeming truly is the MPC’s version of the Kentucky Wildcats, who can trot out ten players who are all capable of taking over a game.  The Patriot girls are still struggling to find that offensive spark they had in 2013-2014, and have fallen to 1-10 on the season, and are only ahead of the Emeralds due to their one win coming in conference.  Escanaba took care of business against the MPC last week as Negaunee dropped a 61-51 decision on the road and the Mountaineers fared even worse, falling 64-44.  Michelle LaFave of the Eskymos showed off why she’ll be at MTU this coming fall, as she used good footwork, ambidexterity, and excellent ball-handling to dispose of the Miners & Mountaineers. Enough of looking backwards, though.  Let’s take a look at what’s coming up this week!


Girl’s Basketball

  • Iron Mountain Mountaineers @ Ishpeming Hematites  IM: 34  ISH: 32
  • Manistique Emeralds @ Gwinn ModelTowners  GWN: 53  MAN 26
  • Stephenson Eagles @ Norway Knights  NOR def. STE

Boy’s Basketball

  • No Games


Gwinn ModelTowner Boys basketball defeated Gladstone Braves on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and Tuesday January 20th, 2015

Gladstone has one of the best gyms in the UP. Unfortunately for the Braves, their boys have yet to knock off a visiting MPC team in 2014-2015.


Girl’s Basketball

  • Norway Knights @ Westwood Patriots  WW: 51  NOR: 45
  • Negaunee Miners @ Gladstone Braves  GLAD: 43  NEG: 35

Boy’s Basketball

  • Gwinn ModelTowners @ Manistique Emeralds  GWN: 52  MAN: 49
  • Ishpeming Hematites @ Houghton Gremlins  ISH: 51  HOU: 45
  • West Iron County Wykons @ Iron Mountain Mountaineers  IM: 59  WIC: 20
  • Westwood Patriots @ Marquette Redmen  MAR: 45  WW: 35
  •  Kingsford Flivvers @ Norway Knights  KING: 45  NOR: 32


Girl’s Basketball

Boy’s Basketball

  • No Games


Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball vs Norway Knights in Norway, Michigan on Sunny.FM

The Norway girls have a busy week ahead of them, with two home games and a trip to Westwood in between. They’ll look to move up in the conference with games against the Miners & Patriots.


Girl’s Basketball

  • Manistique Emeralds @ Iron Mountain Mountaineer  IM: 69  MAN: 39
  • Marquette Redettes @ Westwood Patriots  MAR: 62  WW: 36

Boy’s Basketball


Girl’s Basketball

Boy’s Basketball

  • Westwood Patriots @ Manistique Emeralds  WW: 60  MAN: 45
  • Iron Mountain Mountaineers @ Ishpeming Hematites  ISH: 48  IM: 45


MPC STANDINGS (Through 2/6)

Girl’s Basketball

  1. Ishpeming Hematites (12-2; 8-1)
  2. Iron Mountain Mountaineers (7-7; 6-2)
  3. Negaunee Miners (7-7; 5-3)
  4. Gwinn ModelTowners (9-6; 3-4)
  5. Norway Knights (10-6; 4-5)
  6. Westwood Patriots (2-11; 2-5)
  7. Manistique Emeralds (1-14; 0-8)

Boy’s Basketball

  1. Iron Mountain Mountaineers (13-1; 8-1)
  2. Negaunee Miners (9-3; 5-1)
  3. Gwinn ModelTowners (8-5; 5-4)
  4. Ishpeming Hematites (8-4; 8-3)
  5. Westwood Patriots (5-6; 3-3)
  6. Norway Knights (4-9; 1-6)
  7. Manistique Emeralds (2-10; 1-7)


The Hematite Boys got off the schneid last week with a win in Gladstone and a revenge win at home against the ModelTowners.

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-Carl Leander Johnson

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