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NBA Finals, Tigers, Brewers, Stanley Cup And Even Some NFL

Waterford, MI- June 2nd, 2017-  The guys were still in Waterford this morning to do the show, all the way at Ryan’s mom’s house. It was a busy show with a lot of good topics that were discussed.

To start off the show Luke and Ryan talked about all the local baseball and softball teams that played yesterday or are playing today around the U.P. Then they got right into the biggest story that happened last night, and that was game one of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. The two would have so much to say that they would carry their discussion into the next segment.

Once they were finally able to wrap up the NBA talk they would discuss a little bit of the Tigers and Brewers. They would talk about the tough day ahead for the Brewers facing Clayton Kershaw and the Tigers pitching rotation for the weekend. They spent a few minutes on what the Nashville Predators need to due to get them back in the series and star defenseman P.K. Subban’s guaranteed victory.

To finish the show they would get into the new ESPN FPI rankings around the NFL. They shared their thoughts on what they think of the Lions, Packers and the rest of the NFC North.