It Was a Springtime Showdown as the Marquette Redmen(68) Boys Basketball Team Battled the Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils(61)


Marquette, MIFebruary 18th, 2017 – It was what would possibly be the very last meeting of the Marquette Redmen and the Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils on a warm Saturday afternoon, and each team looked to take home the win from their final meeting. Marquette got on top first and were able to hold a lead for the first half of the first quarter. Sault Ste. Marie fought back after some encouragement from their coach which could be hear throughout the gym. It was a scoring race in the last minute of the quarter, but the Redmen were able to squeak out a lead going into the second quarter.

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redmen: 18
Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils: 16

The Marquette Redmen were having a tough time dealing with the Blue Devils, but were holding a narrow lead to start the second quarter. One of the top scorers on the year for Marquette, Luke Ogea, was playing well in the early part of the game, but had two back-to-back fouls called on him, forcing him to the bench for a break. The Redmen’s shooting was on point all game, and the Blue Devils were having a very difficult time stopping their momentum. As the first half ended, the Redmen led by 13 points.

First Half Score
Marquette Redmen: 42
Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils: 29

Holding a narrow lead going into the second half, the Marquette Redmen looked to defeat the Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils. Each point that Marquette scored in the early part of the third quarter was answered by Sault Ste. Marie, and their lead remained at 13 as the quarter passed the midway point. 49-36 was the score with 3:00 left in the third, and it appeared that the game would be determined in the fourth quarter. The Blue Devils drained a three point shot late in the quarter, bringing Marquette’s lead down to just 10, and just seconds later the Redmen’s lead was shaved down to just eight points.

Third Quarter Score
Marquette Redmen: 49
Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils: 43

With only one quarter of play remaining, the Marquette Redmen held a single-digit lead over the Blue Devils. Sault Ste. Marie could sense that the game was within their grasp, and that seemed to give them some extra energy that they put to good use on the court. As the game began to get desperate for Sault Ste. Marie, fouls started to pile-up, disabling some of their biggest scorers. As the final minutes fell off the clock, the Blue Devils made it a seven-point game, ensuring that it would be an exciting finish. Marquette was in the double bonus with 1:09 left to play, but it was still only a two-possession game. It was a heart-pounding final minute, but Marquette was able to hold the Blue Devils off for the win.

Final Game Score
Marquette Redmen: 68
Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils: 61

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