BIG (Overtime) Game of the Week – Marquette Redmen Basketball (64) VS Negaunee Miners (60) on 103-FXD 2/16/2017

The Marquette Redmen take the win in the Big Game of the Week over the Negaunee Miners 64-60 in a 4 minute overtime! Way to go, Redmen!

Negaunee, MichiganFebruary 16th, 2017 – The Redmen traveled to the Irontown on Thursday night to battle the Negaunee Miners for the BIG Game of the Week on 103-FXD. The trip down to Negaunee ended with the Redmen defeating the Miners 64-60 in a nice overtime victory! Starting off the first quarter the Miners controlled the start with offense. The Miners strike first 3-0 over the Redmen.

With 6:38 to go in the first quarter the Redmen get their first lead in the game 5-3 over the Miners. The score ties up 5-5 with 6 minutes left in the quarter. Ian Ogea gets the steal and the score still tied up 5-5. The Redmen then get back up top over the Miners, 8-5. Mark Anderson went to the line to shoot for the Miners, and it was good. A time out was called by Negaunee and the score was 10-6, the Redmen were in the lead. Ethan Martich and Brice Brazo checked in at the 25 mark. 13-10 Negaunee turns things around and lead the Marquette Redmen. First quarter wraps up with the Negaunee Miners in the lead 14-10.

Luke Ogea gets hammered down low in the second quarter. Miners were 2 for 3 from the line. The Redmen had the basketball and trailed by 5 points. 18-11 with a 7 point Miner lead. It was a tough second quarter and the Redmen just couldn’t get on top of the Miners. 20-18 the Redmen trailed the Miners going into the Pomp’s Tire halftime show….

9 seconds into the third quarter Belle picked up his third foul! Luke Ogea took a seat at the 5:37 mark in the third quarter from Negaunee. 6 point game as the Miners lead the Redmen 26-20 on 103-FXD. Marquette needed to get some baskets! 28-20 was the score with 4:30 left in the third quarter of action. Ethan Martich connects and gets 3 points in the basket. The Redmen were down to one foul with 2:37 left to go in the third quarter. 31-24 was the score with only 2 minutes left in the third quarter.

35-31 was the score at the end of the third quarter and heading into the fourth quarter. Marquette had 3 time outs remaining and Negaunee had 4 time outs remaining. It was Miners basketball from their own baseline. 46-42 with a lead down to 4 points for the Negaunee Miners. It’s a close game down to the wire, 48-45 with the Miners in the lead over the Redmen. With 63 seconds to go the score was 48-47 the Miners in the lead. 54-51 with the second time out called for Negaunee.  5 players from Marquette were on the court heading down to the wire. The Redmen and the Miners went into a 4 minute overtime, and the teams were tied up 54-54. The Redmen get back in the lead during overtime 57-54 over the Miners!

The Marquette Redmen come out on top over the Negaunee Miners 64-60 in an overtime victory from Negaunee!

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Marquette Redmen defeat the Negaunee Miners 64-60 in overtime during the Big Game of the Week on 103-FXD – Thursday February 16th 2017.mp3

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