Homecoming Night: Marquette Redmen Football Falls to the Kingsford Flivvers 21-0


Marquette, MI- September 29th, 2017- The Marquette Redmen were coming off a big last minute victory at Petoskey last week on Fox Sports Marquette. It was Homecoming night for Marquette, they had a big crowd on hand, great pregame festivities but had a big task ahead of them. The Kingsford Flivvers came to town ranked #2 in the recent Big 5 polls. If there is one thing we know about this Redmen team is that they are not afraid of a challenge.

From the start of this game you could tell this was going to be a dog fight. Both defenses played a great bend but don’t break game early in the first half. Both offenses would move the ball between the 20’s but would stall in the redzone. This was a very physical game all night long. The entire first half you saw both teams fight hard for every yard they gained. The only difference in the first half was the Flivvers got two long plays that would go for touchdowns late in the second quarter. Marquette really threatened with very little time left but would fall 2 yards short of the end zone with no time on the clock.

Marquette's first chance on offense.
Marquette’s first chance on offense.

The second half would be much of the same. You saw these teams beat each other up fighting for everything they could get. You really have to credit both these teams and their coaches. This was a tough contest. Each team would force a turnover with Marquette recovering a fumble but throwing an interception as well. This game would really come down to a couple of plays. If they go a little differently the outcome could easily be different. Kingsford would add another touchdown late but really this game came down to those two long touchdowns late in the second quarter. Marquette had their chances and were able to get into Flivver territory throughout the game but just couldn’t cash in.

Marquette had a great game but the score won’t reflect that. Credit to the coaches and players, they really played well in a tough, gritty game. The Redmen look to rebound next week as they host a team from Wisconsin. Minocqua Lakeland comes to town and face Marquette at the Superior Dome. The game is scheduled for 8:00 PM, coverage will start at 7:30 on Fox Sports Marquette. You can see the rest of the Marquette Redmen schedule here.