The Marquette Redmen Boys Basketball Team(68) Fights Through the Cold to Battle The Gladstone Braves(67) on Fox Sports Marquette

The Marquette Redmen take on the Gladstone Braves
The action was intense
The action was intense

Gladstone, MITuesday, December 13th, 2016 – It was a freezing cold night, but the action was on fire as the Marquette Redmen took the opening tip off and broke toward the Gladstone basket. The game started off with the Braves scoring the first points of the game on a jump shot, but Marquette was able to quickly answer. The teams traded leads two times, but with two minutes remaining in the first, the score was 8-6 with the Redmen barely in front. By the end of the first quarter, the Redmen had extended their lead to 13-9.

First Quarter Score:
Marquette Redmen: 13
Gladstone Braves: 9

The Braves threw the ball in to start the quarter, and there was a lot of action in the first minute of play in the second. Gladstone closed the gap to only one point, but the Marquette Redmen weren’t giving up, even as the Braves evened the game at 13-13. The Redmen were outscored 9-0 in the second quarter, and it seemed that penalties were the bane of the team. Gladstone was in the bonus midway through the quarter, and that allowed them to take over the lead. It remained an extremely close game, with the Redmen trailing by only two points with one minute left before half, but they were able to tie things up before the buzzer.

Halftime Score:
Marquette Redmen: 28
Gladstone Braves: 28

Getting ready for the game
Getting ready for the game

It was all tied up going into the second half of action, but the Marquette Redmen started off the second half by taking a five point lead two minutes in. Marquette seemed to have a steady hold on the game as they steadily increased their lead over the Braves. It was 36-31 just past the midway point of the third, and Marquette was again having some trouble with penalties. The Marquette Redmen were able to hold onto the lead going into the final quarter, but the Braves were doing everything they could to fight back.

Third Quarter Score:
Marquette Redmen: 38
Gladstone Braves: 33

The ball was brought into play by the Marquette Redmen, and they were able to hold on to their slim lead going into the final quarter. It was 45-39 with a minute gone from the clock, but Gladstone scared the Redmen when they brought the score to within three points. The fouls were flying left and right for both teams, but Marquette gave up their lead as the score was tied at 45-45. Marquette was trailing by just four point with only a few minutes remaining, but the game wasn’t out of reach. They were still behind as the final minute ticked away, but a HUGE last minute three point shot tied the game and sent it to overtime.

Fourth Quarter Score:
Marquette Redmen: 55
Gladstone Braves: 55

After the first minute of overtime, the Braves held a one point lead over the Marquette Redmen, but they took the lead on a quick layup. It was a tough overtime for Marquette, and they once again put Gladstone in the double-bonus. Despite that huge disadvantage, they managed to hold the game within two points. It was a cautious end to the first overtime, with Gladstone holding onto the ball for the last minute, but they were unable to score, resulting in a second overtime.

Both teams were extremely tired going into the second overtime, but Marquette wanted the win. They took the early lead of two points, and with two thirty remaining in the overtime, looked to extend their advantage. As the game wound down, the score remained in favor of Marquette, and they were able to take home the win after an exhausting game.

Final Game Score:
Marquette Redmen: 68
Gladstone Braves: 67

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