The Marquette Redmen Boys Basketball Team (61) is Victorious Over the Gladstone Braves (47) Tuesday Night on 97.5 GTO-FM

The Marquette Redmen boys basketball team attempts to drive to the basket against the Gladstone Braves on December 11th, 2018

Gladstone, MIDecember 11th, 2018 – It was time for more Marquette Redmen boys basketball on Tuesday, and they were facing the Gladstone Braves down in Gladstone. Jacob Ogea was there live on 97.5 GTO-FM to bring you all the excitement, as it was sure to be a night of great basketball!

Both teams were unsuccessful at scoring on their first possessions, however, the Marquette Redmen broke out to an early 3-0 lead thanks to some great shooting. Marquette held onto an 11-3 lead as the first quarter passed under the three minute mark, and the Braves were forced to use a timeout to attempt to stifle the Redmen’s impressive offense. The score was 13-5 as the final minute of the first quarter approached, but Gladstone was able to add to their total before the buzzer sounded.

The Marquette Redmen getting some good advice from their coaches during the game on 97.5 GTO-FM
The Marquette Redmen getting some good advice from their coaches during the game on 97.5 GTO-FM

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redmen: 13
Gladstone Braves: 7

It was a great first quarter for the Marquette Redmen boys basketball team, as they were able to stop Gladstone’s scoring chances and take a lead going into the second. Although they had a tough first quarter, Reece Castor had scored ten straight points for Gladstone, closing the gap between the two teams with a score of 13-13. Marquette was forced to burn one of their timeouts after he brought the Braves back into the game. For every point that the Redmen scored, Reece Castor was able to answer, single-handedly keeping Gladstone in the game. It was 23-22, still for Marquette as the first half started to wind down, however, the Redmen couldn’t seem to stop the Castor brothers. Gladstone took their first lead of the game thanks to a foul call on a layup, with a score of 25-23. Before the end of the first half of play, the lead was traded back and forth multiple times, and it would all come down to the final half to decide the winner.

First Half Score
Marquette Redmen: 28
Gladstone Braves: 31

Gladstone tries to stop the Marquette Redmen during the game on December 11th, 2018 on 97.5 GTO-FM
Gladstone tries to stop the Marquette Redmen during the game on December 11th, 2018 on 97.5 GTO-FM

Even though the Marquette Redmen had a healthy lead at the end of the first quarter, the Braves were able to mount a comeback just before the end of the first half of play, and Marquette was in for a tough fight if they wanted to take home the win. A couple of minutes into the third, the score was all tied up at 33-33 thanks to a nice three point shot from the Redmen. Gladstone eased-up on the scoring later in the third, and that allowed Marquette to retake the lead 37-33. Rane Castor tied the game up at 38-38, continuing the Castor brothers’ dominance of the game. Late in the third, Reece Castor went down hard, and the hush from the Gladstone bench was audible. Thankfully, he was soon able to re-enter the game, but the Redmen held the lead by six points.

Third Quarter Score
Marquette Redmen: 46
Gladstone Braves: 40

It was time-burning mode for the Marquette Redmen, as they only had to hold off the Gladstone Braves for one last quarter. The frantic pace of the game increased even more in the fourth, with the Braves sensing the game slipping away from them as Marquette’s lead grew to 11 points. While the lead kept increasing for Marquette, the play turned rough, and whistles continually interrupted the game. With just a few minutes left to play in the game, the Redmen’s lead was up to 16 points after preventing Gladstone from scoring for much of the final quarter.

Final Game Score
Marquette Redmen: 61
Gladstone Braves: 47

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