The Marquette Redettes Basketball Team (47) Faces the Calumet Copper Kings (41) on a Snowy Friday Night on 97.5 GTO-FM

Your Marquette Redettes took home the win over the Calumet Copper Kings by a score of 47-41 Friday night on 97.5 GTO-FM!

Calumet, MIJanuary 11th, 2019 – The Marquette Redettes braved the lake-effect snow and ventured to the Calumet gym to play the Copper Kings Friday evening. Luke G. was calling the game solo on 97.5 GTO-FM and GTO.FM, but that didn’t make the action any less intense!

The Marquette Redettes took the opening tip, but they were quickly stopped by the Copper Kings who put up the first points of the game just about a minute into the quarter. Calumet extended their lead to five points at the halfway mark, but the Redettes drained a short jumper to keep them in check. As the first buzzer approached, the Copper Kings’ lead was firmly cemented at five points.

The Marquette Redettes' captains head to center court to do the coin flip against Calumet Copper Kings
The Marquette Redettes’ captains head to center court to do the coin flip against Calumet Copper Kings

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redettes: 5
Calumet Copper Kings: 10

After a tough first quarter for the Marquette Redettes, they were ready to close the gap to Calumet. The Copper Kings quickly moved out to a 14-8 lead, but the Redettes were able to tie the game up at 14-14 with just over four minutes remaining in the half. Something seemed to click with the Marquette players in the second quarter, and they ended up going on an 8-2 scoring run before halftime.

First Half Score
Marquette Redettes: 22
Calumet Copper Kings: 15

It was an amazing second quarter for the Marquette Redettes, who retook the lead from Calumet, but they had to hold on for an entire half before they would be able to celebrate. Marquette nailed a tough shot through traffic to take the first points of the half and extend their lead to 24-15. The score was 30-20 with 4:00 left in the third, and coach Ben Smith took a timeout to give his players some instructions on how to maintain ball control and burn time off the clock. Points were traded back and forth, but Marquette kept themselves above Calumet, taking a nine-point lead into the fourth.

Third Quarter Score
Marquette Redettes: 35
Calumet Copper Kings: 26

The stripes were content to let both teams play, calling very few fouls throughout the first three quarters, but that began to change as the Marquette Redettes and Copper Kings entered the final quarter. At seven minutes left in the game, both teams remained separated by nine points, but the Redettes weren’t letting-up on their pressure. There were just over five minutes left in the game when Coach Smith was forced to use a vital second timeout to prevent a turnover, but Marquette was still on top of Calumet with a score of 41-30. As the clock moved under 2:30 to play, nothing seemed to be able to stop Marquette’s strong offense. A couple of big baskets for the Copper Kings cut the Redettes’ lead to just ten points with two minutes left. Play turned sloppy for both teams when back-to-back turnovers were committed, and Marquette could sense the Copper Kings’ desperation. After a harrowing final few minutes, the Marquette Redettes headed to the locker rooms as the victors.

Final Game Score
Marquette Redettes: 47
Calumet Copper Kings: 41

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