The Gladstone Brave’s offense was too much for the Marquette Redmen (48-21)

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Marquette, MI- September 22, 2022- The Marquette Redmen fall to the Gladstone Braves on Foxsports 105.1-99.9

Quarter 1: Gladstone starts the game with a short kick giving Marquette good field positioning. A pass interference from the Braves defense gives the Redmen a free 15 yards to start the game. Marquette continues to drive as Nate Benninger scores the first touchdown for the Redmen. Gladstone’s first drive starts at the 30-yard line. Nate Young starts the Braves drive with 18-yard run. A big catch by Tyler Darmogray for a touchdown and 2 point conversion catch by Elliot Vitito to put the Braves up 8-7. Marquette’s second drive ends after their second play being intercepted by Nate Young. After a couple Young would throw a 28-yard touchdown to Kaden Gibbs, but would fail on the 2-point conversion. Putting the Braves up 14-7. Marquette starting their third drive, hoping it goes more like their first drive. Jaxon Jurmu throws a great pass for a touchdown to Pete Closner. The Redmen answer big to tie the game 14-14. Gladstone starts their third drive with a touchdown, Young to Darmogray for 38-yard touchdown. The Redmen would turn the ball over after a few plays. That would end the first quarter.

Gladstone-20 Marquette-14

Gladstone's offense driving
Gladstone’s offense driving

Quarter 2: Gladstone would start the quarter and the offense would continue to keep moving the ball down the field. The Braves would cap off their first drive in the quarter by a 12-yard rushing touchdown by Cole Potier and he would run it for the 2-point conversion. Gladstone would go up 28-14. Marquette would start their drive with a penalty putting them back to their own 23-yard line. Another interception for Gladstone and would put them with great feild position. Potier continues to run the ball taking the Braves to the 8-yard line. Young would throw his 4th touchdown of the first half to Gibbs and a successful 2-point conversion from Potier. The Braves up 36-14. The Redmen don’t do much with their next drive having to punt only after a couple plays. The first punt for Marquette. The Braves would get the ball with 2 minutes left of the quarter. After a couple of big plays from the Redmen’s defense finally making this Nate Young led offense look human, of course the next play he throws a pass to get the Braves in the redzone. The drive would end with another touchdown throw by Young to Vitito. Maruqette with their next drive would kneel it down to take it into the second drive.

Gladstone-42 Marquette-14

Marquette's offense driving
Marquette’s offense driving

Quarter 3: Gladstone would start the second half with the ball. Potier would continue to get the ball in the second half with three straight carries. It has been 8 straight runs for the Braves. Gladstone seeming to chew the clock on their first drive taking up the over half of the third quarter in one drive. Austin Solis would score with a 31-yard touchdown rush. The Braves would not convert on the 2-point conversion. Marquette finally gettin the ball in the second half with 4 minutes in the third. Jurmu throwing a 18-yard pass to get the Redmen inside the 30-yard line, giving this offense some life. Next play Jurmu would rush for 19-yards, Redmen getting the in the redzone. Jurmu would cap off the drive with a touchdwon throw to Wyatt Lakenen. Gladstone 48 and Marquette 21. Gladstone after a mistake on the kick return, have to start their drive on their own 4-yard line. Poiter would get them to 27-yard line after a 17-yard run. That play would end the third.

Gladstone-48 Marquette-21

Quarter 4: Gladstone would start the running the ball but would end up punting for the first time on the night. Benninger would get a great return but called for a block in the back on the Redmen. Jurmu would take a big hit for a 8-yard pass and an additional 15-yards after a flag by the Braves. Putting them where they would have been from Benninger’s punt return. Another third and out would make the Redmen punt again. Braves start their next drive on their own 35-yard line. Gladstone continue to run out the clock with Vitito and Potier getting most of the touches this drive. The Braves would run the clock down with little over a minute left. Gladstone would turn the ball over on downs. Marquette would get the ball with 25 seconds left, they would kneel the ball toe end the game. Gladstone moves to 5-0 and Marquette moves to 1-4.

Finale: Gladstone-48 Marquette-21

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