Redette Lose Game One Against Sault Ste. Marie On 97.5 GTO

Redette Swing

Marquette, MI May 12, 2021 The Marquette Redettes took on the Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils on Tuesday. The game was broadcast live on 97.5 GTO!

Scoring opened up this afternoon with Redette Jordan Haynes stealing home off a wild pitch, putting Marquette up 1-0 in the bottom of the first inning. Blue Devil pitcher, Amber Curtis would work herself out of a jam by getting back-to-back strikeouts to end the inning and leave two Marquette runners on base.

Redette Batter
Redette Batter

The Soo would even things up at the top of the second when Lucy Huskey hit a single and steal second. A wild pitch and an overthrow would lead to her stealing home to score.

The bottom of the second would be a huge inning for the Redettes. Miranda Andrews would be walked to first with the number nine hitter, Aila Weycker hitting a single to put Andrews in scoring position. Rayna Warchock would be walked as well, and Marquette had the bases loaded. Haynes would bring home two runs off a single and bring the lead to 3-1. Hendrickson would follow suit and hit home Warchock. Marquette would earn two more baserunners, and they would eventually be hit home by Ella Jezewski and the inning would end with the Redettes up, 6-1.

Gussy Smith for Sault Ste. Marie would get walked to first. Hannah Mauer would reach first off an error and put G. Smith into scoring position. Kallen Mikolo would strikeout but the Redette catcher wouldn’t be able to keep it in her glove allowing Mikolo to reach first, and a Blue Devil runner to hit home plate. The Blue Devil’s Audrey Smith would send Mikolo home off a single, closing the gap on the scoreboard. Huskey would lay down a sacrifice bunt to bring home A. Smith before the inning came to an end.

Blue Devil Hitter
Blue Devil Hitter

It wasn’t until the top of the fifth inning that things started to get real interesting. The Blue Devil’s Mauer would hit a single to start things off. Mikolo would then be up to bat, and a pass ball would move Mauer over to second. Mikolo would hit a single to get herself on base bringing A. Smith up to the plate. Mauer would be on the move again stealing third. A. Smith would be walked to first, and a pass ball would allow Mauer to steal home and Mikolo second. Alex Menard would hit a sacrifice fly to bring another run in and tie things up at six a piece. Paris Kagarasse would hit a RBI single and give the Blue Devils their first lead, 7-6.

Marquette would fight back getting a couple base runners. However the officials would call Miranda Andrews out for interference causing a 6-4-3 double play to close out the fifth.

Curtis for the Soo would get on base with a single to start the sixth inning. With G. Smith up to bat, Curtis would be on the move and steal second. G. Smith would strike out, but it would be a pass ball and she would reach first to put runners on the corners. Mauer would be up to the plate and hit a line drive direct to the shortstop followed up by throw to first for the double play. Mikolo would hit an RBI double bringing Curtis home and the Blue Devils would be up by two runs.

Redette Hitter
Redette Hitter

Marquette would tie things back up however after multiple pass balls and errors would allow the Redettes to get two base runners across home and bring the game to extra innings.

Sault Ste. Marie’s Huskey would hit a single and steal her way to third base. Menard would also single and steal her way to second. Kagarasse would hit a sacrifice fly and put the Blue Devils up by a run. Collder would reach first off an error, and Curtis would have herself an RBI off a fielder’s choice bringing the score to 10-8.

The Redettes weren’t able to fight back as they went down in order, and the game would end in extra innings with the score of 10-8.

W: Amber Curtis 7IP, 7K, 6BB, 9H, 8R

L: Alaina Saari 7IP, 5K, 2BB, 12H, 10R

Crossroads Mini-Mart Shell Offensive Player of the Game: Paige Hendrickson, Marquette. 4-4, 2RBI, RUN