The Marquette Redmen (1) Defeating the Warren DeLaSalle Pilots (0) in Overtime High School Hockey Action


Marquette, MI – John Thompsen, Ryan Ranguette and Joe Gaffney brought us tonight’s action as our Marquette Redmen hit the ice of Lakeview Arena hosting the DeLaSalle Collegiate High School Pilots.  Both teams looked fast in warm ups and as the timer counted down to the puck drop you could feel the tension rising.

Marquette squared up against the Pilots and almost instantly gained an edge with a power play, following another penalty against Warren DeLaSalle giving MSHS a two man advantage early in the first quarter.  Pilots got a power play but our Redmen were able to hold them off and the teams returned 5 to 5, still scoreless half way through the opening period.  While Marquette couldn’t score while on their power plays they were looking Red Hot while 5 on 5 and optimistic going into the second period.

First Period Score
Marquette Redmen: 0
Warren DeLaSalle Pilots: 0

marquette-redmen-hockey-vs-warren-delasalle-pilots-03Warren DeLaSalle is an athletic team and very aggressive with the penalty kill, Marquette answers by playing tough UP Hockey, trying to score while having the man advantage from another Marquette  power play.  The second period seemed to fly by as the teams answered each shot with a great save by both goalies.  With just over 5 minutes left in the second the game was still scoreless.  The Pilots took another penalty, with Marquette going on their 5th power play of the game.

Second Period Score
Marquette Redmen: 0
Warren DeLaSalle Pilots:0

The third period opens scoreless with both teams hungry for a goal. Marquette held off the Pilot attempts and lead them in shots.  Winning a face off Marquette was ready to score but Warren DeLaSalle answered, but a holding penalty was given.  Both teams had additional penalties and after Marquette’s 6th power play we returned 5 to 5 with less than half of the third period left.  Tanner Phillips had a great save keeping the Pilots scoreless with Thomas Hernandez, Pilots Captain out of the game.

The Third period wrapped up scoreless bringing us into overtime.

Third Period Score
Marquette Redmen: 0
Warren DeLaSalle Pilots: 0

marquette-redmen-hockey-vs-warren-delasalle-pilots-04The teams switch goals and with 8 minutes on the clock we were underway for overtime.  Tyler Bergwall with an incredible save keeping the Redmen in the game.  The puck whizzed up and down the ice, face off after face off with neither team able to score.  But it was Joey Phillips who scored the game winning goal with 1:22 left in overtime, assist from Sean O’Conner.


First Overtime Score
Marquette Redmen: 1
Warren DeLaSalle Pilots: 0

Join us tomorrow for more exciting Marquette Redmen Hockey.  Redmen host the second game against the Warren DeLaSalle Pilots, Puck drops at 1pm Saturday December 10th only Here on Fox Sports Marquette on 105.1 / 99.9 and
LISTEN – Marquette Redmen Hockey VS Warren DeLaSalle Pilots at The Lakeview Arena Marquette, MI, December 9th, 2016