Marquette Redmen Skate Past Hancock Bulldogs 5-1

Marquette Huddle

Marquette, Mi February 14, 2023 – The Marquette Redmen honored their eight seniors for senior night as they faced the Hancock Bulldogs on Tuesday night. John Thomsen was on the scene for Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 – 99.9!

First period: The Redmen won the opening drop to start off the game. Hancock scored the first goal of the game three minutes into the period, but it was waved off, keeping the game scoreless. Shots were listed as 2-1 after five minutes. The Redmen got another good shot off, but the puck didn’t find its way into the net. Six minutes left in the first and the score still remained 0-0. Caleb Beerman got a steal and scored the first goal of the night, giving the Redmen some energy.  Marquette had the lead at the end of the period.

Marquette:1 Hancock:0

Second period: The Redmen were short a player to start the second period due to a penalty in the first. The Redmen won the face off. Five minutes into the period and Marquette got the first shot off, but it was no good. Marquette then scored a goal on a three second power play. With three minutes left in the period, Marquette was on the hunt for one more goal.The Redmen didn’t find what the were looking for and ended the second period 2-0.

Marquette:2 Hancock:0

Third Period: The Bulldogs won the face off to start the third period. Riipi picked up a goal for Marquette on another power play. The Bulldogs got their first goal quickly after and brought it back to a two goal lead. Rylan Ragusett scored another goal  for Marquette, making it 4-1. The Redmen continue to score, Tucker scored his fifth  goal of the year. Marquette finished up the last home game of the year with a win.

Marquette:5 Hancock:1

The Redmen will be back on the ice Thursday night at 6:30 pm in Houghton. John Thomsen and Joe Gaffney will be live with the call on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 – 99.9!