Marquette Redmen Hockey (4) VS Hancock Bulldogs (0) Big Game of the Week on 103-FXD


Marquette, Michigan – December 17th, 2019 – The Big Game of the Week on 103-FXD. Marquette Redmen Hockey defeated Hancock Bulldogs 4-0 on a snowy Tuesday night.

Marquette Redmen Hockey started sluggish against the Hancock Bulldogs. Near the five minute mark of the first period, Jake Garrow put the team on the score board with his first goal as a Redmen! Hogan Nemetz and Joe DeMattia had assists on the goal. Marquette had 15 shots on goal and Hancock Bulldogs had 4 in the 1st period of action. Marquette had no penalties in the 1st period.

Second period started fast with shot on goal. Marquette had a 16 shot on goal in the second period. Hancock Bulldogs had 5 shots that period. Marquette Redmen Ethan Philips picked up a second goal for the team. At the end of the second period, the Redmen Hockey Team lead 2-0 over Hancock Bulldogs.

Marquette Redmen Hockey finished strong with 2 goals in the 3rd period. Cooper Anderson and Dylan Baldwin each had a goal in the last period. Marquette Redmen had 42 shots on goal against 16 from Hancock Bulldogs. Liam Beerman had a nice shut-out to help Marquette Redmen Hockey defeat Hancock 4-0.

Next Game for Marquette Redmen Hockey team is this Thursday, December 19th at 6pm against Kingsford Flivvers on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1/99.9.

LISTEN – FULL GAME – Marquette Redmen Hockey defeated the Hanock Bulldogs 4-0