Marquette Loses in Overtime 2-3 Against Livonia Stevenson on WFXDH2

Marquette takes on Livonia Stevenson

Marquette, MI January 14, 2022 Marquette Hockey lost in a thrilling overtime game against Livonia Stevenson 2-3. JohnThompsen and Joe Gaffney had the call live on WFXDH2 and the online live stream.

1st Period: The Livonia Stevenson Spartans struck first in this late night match up and they led on Marquette 1-0. The Redmen were dominating early with carrying plays and were being stronger with the puck. As the period went on the Spartans began to greatly strengthen their play. The puck eventually found it’s way to Jake Garrow, he shot but missed just wide.

End of 1st Period: Marquette 0, Livonia Stevenson 1

Marquette vs Livonia Stevenson heats up
Marquette vs Livonia Stevenson heats up

2nd Period: It was 5 on 5 hockey to start the second period of play. The Redmen won the draw but the puck was chipped and rocketed towards Marquette’s bench. Ethan Phillips had a big shot early but Zach Waldo caught and held the shot. With 15:18 left in the period the Redmen still trailed 0-1. Caleb Fries created an opportunity down low , the puck was swung to the far corner and eventually cleared. Dylan King got a shot off but it just hit the base of the goal and couldn’t find the net. With 8:09 to go Waldo got yet another big save but this time it was Brayden Grange shooting the puck. As time dwindled down the period just increased in physicality as both teams started to lay out big hits. Marquette entered their second power play of the period but failed to come out of it with anything. Marquette had 11 shots on the period and Livonia had 5.

End of 2nd Period: Marquette 0, Livonia Stevenson 1

The Redmen move up the ice
The Redmen move up the ice

3rd Period: The Redmen came out the gates hot as 43 seconds into the third period Brayden Grange rocketed a shot into the net, tying the game 1-1. It got very interesting when there were a total of four icing calls made in a mere minute. The Spartans were on the attack but Owen Riipi quickly shut that down. The Redmen fell behind once again when Livonia Stevenson got a goal of their own. The Redmen entered a power play and there was a cross ice pass to Ethan Phillips, he had a chance to tie the game up but the shot was just wide far post. Marquette would come out of that power play empty handed. Marquette entered a 5 on 3 player advantage and had a chance to tie the game up. They would do just that when Brayden Grange scored his second goal of the night. Colin Nemacheck had a nice shot to take the lead but it got knocked down before finding the net. With 1:12 left Riipi had a nice shot and it got redirected but Waldo saved the shot setting up an overtime.

End of 3rd Period: Marquette 2, Livonia Stevenson 2

Overtime: The Spartans won the draw to start overtime. Marquette almost had a goal when Garrow poked at a rebound off of Grange’s shot but missed. Play ended up back to point and Marquette got a shot but Waldo gloved yet another puck. With 6:30 left in overtime Garrow walked in but missed and the rebound also missed. Livonia Stevenson won the game when Owen Penny scored the game winning goal.

Final Score: Marquette 2, Livonia Stevenson 3

Listen To The Full Game Here: Marquette Hockey Vs Livonia Stevenson

Next Game: Marquette Hockey takes the ice again tomorrow, January 15th , at 4:45 p.m. against Byron Center. John Thompsen and Joe Gaffney will have the call live before the game with the Elder Agency Pre-game show on WFXDH2 and the online live stream!