Marquette Hockey Mercy Rules Houghton 9-1 and Get a Share of Conference Title on WFXDH2

Marquette Beats Houghton 9-1

Marquette, MI February 17th, 2022 – Marquette Hockey not only mercy ruled the Gremlins 9-1 in this Thursday night matchup but Coach Garrow got his first conference title ever. John Thomsen and Joe Gaffney had the call live on WFXDH2!


1st Period: With a share of the conference title on the line Marquette came into this game hungry in search to get Coach Garrow his first conference title. It all started with senior Drew Dellies winning the draw. Not much time passed and Cole Ranta was sent to the penalty box after being called for cross checking. The Redmen would sustain pressure for the first time all game after getting Ranta back. Marquette got their first lead of the night when Brayden Grange made a cannon of a shot. Not a minute later Houghton answered with a one timer goal and the game was all tied up 1-1. The Gremlins would get called for tripping and Marquette entered a power play. Joe DeMattia would snag the lead back for the Redmen after scoring a goal, the assist was credited to Owen Riipi and Cole Ranta, Marquette led 2-1. Marquette continued to roll as Nash Riipi would assist Brayden Grange and Grange would score, Marquette led 3-1. The first period didn’t settle down as Drew Dellies would score his ninth goal of the season and the Redmen ended the first period on a high note.

End of 1st: Marquette 4, Houghton 1

2nd Period: The second period of play quickly proved to be no different than the first as Grange would get the puck in the goal and the assist came from Colin Nemacheck and Tucker Welch, Marquette led 5-1. The Redmen would be called for having too many players on the ice shortly after the previous goal. Marquette extended their lead to 6-1 when Jake Garrow scored. Ranta had a chance to extend the lead but the shot was quickly saved. Rylan Ragusett would get called for a cross checking and then Houghton was called for a penalty so 4 on 4 hockey began. The second period of play would remain quiet and the Redmen went into the third period with victory on the horizon.

End of 2nd: Marquette 6, Houghton 1

3rd Period: 12 seconds into the final period senior Jack Sides got a goal to go and Marquette’s lead extended to 7-1. Ethan Phillips nearly had a goal but missed the corner bar down shot just barely. With Marquette up big, the game began to slow down significantly. Brayden Grange got the game’s energy back up when he got an assist from Joe DeMattia and scored, Marquette led 8-1. The cherry on top would come when Marquette scored and finished their regular season with a mercy rule.

Final Score: Marquette 9, Houghton 1

Joe Boogren Player of Game: Brayden Grange

Listen to Full Game Here

Next Game: Marquette Hockey will be back in action on February 24th when they head to Negaunee for the MHSAA Regional Semifinal. John Thomsen and Joe Gaffney will have the call live on WXFD/WFXDH2!