Marquette Redmen Basketball – Marquette Redmen (69) VS Traverse City West Titans (64)


Petoskey, MI – Jacob Ogea with today’s broadcast as our Marquette Redman Face off against the Traverse City West Titans in game 2 of this weekends tournament.  The Redmen fell to the Petoskey Northmen last night, Petoskey winning 63-47.

The Titans win the tip off after a couple of deflections and today’s game is underway.  Both teams quickly get points on the score board and Marquette looks good on the court. With just over a minute left in the first quarter the Redmen lead 15-11 and wraps up with Marquette leading 17-12 at the end of the first.

Second quarter action ramps up as the Redmen and Titans go head to head for the win.  Substitutions from both teams keeps the ball moving quickly up and down the court.  19-18 Marquette after one successful free throw for the TC West Titans.  Marquette stretches their lead staying a few points ahead of TC West and it feels like MSHS controls the court as the Titans are having to work hard to stay with our boys.  With just under 4 minutes left in the first half Marquette leads 23-20.  Luke Ogea to shoot 2 after a foul, making 1 bringing Marquette’s lead 31-26.  Ian Ogea connects with 2 points wrapping up the first half of today’s game.

Score – End of the First Half
Marquette Redmen: 35
TC West Titans: 30

Jacob Ogea - Voice of Redmen Boys Basketball
Jacob Ogea – Voice of Redmen Boys Basketball

After a quick break in the action for half time both teams head back to the court ready to claim a Win.  A few minutes into the second half Marquette brings all 5 back to the bench with a fresh line up facing the Titans.  With some hard fought action TC West inches up on the Redmen bringing the Redmen’s lead down to 37-36 with half of the third period gone.  Alex Duvall with a great play helps the Redmen pull ahead again.  45-38 Marquette leading with less than a minute left in the 3rd quarter. Marquette gained the lead early in the opening quarter and have held onto it throughout today’s game. 3rd quarter wraps up with the score 45-40.

The 4th quarter kicks off with Redmen having 17 fouls, Titans with 4 fouls.  Titans hit a big 3 early in the quarter and the Redmen answer with Garrett Finkbeiner tacking on 3 points keeping Marquette’s lead.  With more fouls on the Redmen Titans remain only points behind, 55-47 Redmen with just over 5 minutes left in the game.  Duvall hitting more 2 pointers to keep inching Redmen’s score up, Leading the Titans by 9 with just minutes left in the game. Ian Ogea fouled with just seconds left on the clock, making both shots and bringing Redmen’s lead to 5 points.  Brice Brazeau also with 2 free throws ending today’s game Marquette winning by 5 points, 69-64.

Final Score
Marquette Redmen: 69
TC West Titans: 64

Alex Duvall named Player of the game leading the team in scoring with 18 points.

LISTEN – Marquette Redmen Boys Basketball (69) Defeat The TC West Titans (64)

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