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Marquette Redettes Against The Kingsford Flivvers

Marquette Warm-Up

Marquette, MI March 2, 2021 The Marquette Redettes were back in action on Tuesday evening when the Kingsford Flivvers came to Marquette Senior High School. The Redettes picked up their second win of the year. You could listen to the game live on 97.5 GTO.

Marquette Warm-Up

Marquette Warm-Up

First Half: The first quarter started out with the Redettes building themselves a substantial lead. It was kicked off by Rayna Warchock landing a hook shot in the front of the net. The Redettes went on a 12-0 run to start the game.

Liz Penegor for the Flivvers would finally put her team on the scoreboard when she landed a pair of free-throws. Christina Glodowski would tack on another two with a shot off the glass bringing the score to, 12-4. Marquette’s Zoe Smith would send a shot home from 3-point range and continue to build on the Redette lead. Rayna Warchock would make a quick steal and lay up to add the final points of the quarter.

Kingsford In-Bound

Kingsford In-Bound

Milado would kick off the second quarter with a 3-pointer for the Redettes. Avery Kelly would contribute another two points with a short range shot and bringing Marquette’s lead to, 22-9. The Redettes had a little more trouble getting going in this quarter, and the game was more of a back and forth match-up.

Kingsford was able to bring Marquette’s lead back down to ten with a shot from Elizabeth Cross. Another pair of free-throws from the Flivvers brought their deficit to six. Rayna Warchock would add a hard fought for two pointer to bring the Redette lead back to 10 to end the half.

Halftime: Marquette 26, Kingsford 16

Second Half: It wouldn’t be until over two minutes into the half that Marquette’s Maria Milado would get the first score of the second half. The Flivvers would be able to string together a six point run that was kicked off by Jenna Olkkonen, and bringing the Flivver’s deficit down to eight.

Kaleah Puskala would hit a shot behind the arc and bring the Redettes lead back to 11 with the score, 33-22. Kingsford would respond with a three of their own and a couple of free-throws to dwindle the Redette lead back to eight. The Flivvers would continue to chip away at that lead in a quarter lead by Elizabeth Cross. Cross sent home a 3-pointer and a lay-up to bring the Flivvers within five of Marquette, 39-34.

Marquette VS Kingsford

Marquette VS Kingsford

Kingsford would start the final quarter swinging and coming within one of the Redettes when Elizabeth Cross sent home a 3-pointer for the Flivvers.  Fouls would be a problem for the Flivvers as the Redettes were in the double bonus early on in the quarter.

Rayna Warchock was able to help the Redettes pull away from the Flivvers when she dropped a 3-pointer to bring the score to, 49-44.  That would be apart of an 11 point run for the Redettes who’s lead was built to, 56-44. Kingsford wasn’t able to close the distance and the Redettes would come away with the victory.

Final: Marquette 58, Kingsford 46

Crossroads Mini-Mart Offensive Player of the Game: Maria Milado, Marquette


The Redettes are back on the road for their next game against the Gladstone Braves on March 4th. You can listen to the game live on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 – 99.9!


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