Marquette Loses At Home In Hard Fought Game Against Escanaba, 63-57

Eskymo bringing ball down court
Marquette fighting to the basket
Marquette fighting to the basket

Marquette, MI February 23, 2021 The Redmen were home Tuesday night on 97.5 GTO as the Escanaba Eskymos came to town for their second meeting of the season. The first conference match-up ended in the Eskymo’s favor ending in overtime. Would the Redmen be able to even the series up?

First Half: This Great Northern Conference match-up started off with a bang. Lincoln Sager of Marquette started it off banging home a 3-pointer to give the Redmen the quick lead. The very next possession Escanaba would match the shot and tie things up. The three-ball was the story of the first half with Matquette racking up seven total shots from behind the arc, and Escanaba having five. The half would end with Escanaba sending free-throws home to give the Eskymos the one point lead.

Marquette fighting to the basket
Marquette fighting to the basket

Halftime: Marquette 31, Escanaba 32

Second Half: Escanaba really took off to star the half as they were able to rack up an eight point lead against the Redmen. Both team’s defense really tightened up after the break, but Escanaba’s offense just became too much for the Redmen.Erik Victorson for the Eskymos had a great fourth quarter building the Escanaba lead with a couple of shots behind the arc landing home. The combination of Sager, Karp, and Lotterman were able to bring the game to two possessions, but would prove all for not as the Eskymos were able to pick up the win.

Final: Escanaba 63, Marquette 57


The Marquette Redmen are back in action on February 26, 2021 against The Flivvers in Kingsford, MI. Listen to the action live with tip-off at 7:45pm EST or to the live stream on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9