Marquette Hockey Bests Kingsford Flivvers, 5-0

Marquette celebrates their victory!

Kingsford, MIMarch 4, 2021 – The Marquette Redmen hockey team defeated the Kingsford Flivvers 5-0 tonight on 103 WFXD.

Marquette came out swinging as Jack Sides struck first for the Redmen with an early goal to give Marquette the 1-0 lead with only a minute gone in the game.

Kingsford was gifted a power play when a Redmen penalty left Marquette shorthanded. Marquette was able to clear the penalty kill, however, and move on unscathed.

Ice-level action!
Ice-level action!

Owen Riipi, with help from Rylan Ragusett, came up with the second goal of the game for Marquette to bring the score to 2-0 with just six minutes to go in the period.

Marquette got a couple of good looks at the goal during a period of four on four play, but no dice. The Redmen went into the second with their 2-0 lead and a lot of momentum.

Marquette heated up quickly once again as Ethan Phillips, with help from Jackson Potulny, came up with a Redmen goal right out of the gate in the second period to improve their lead to 3-0. Phillips followed up with a power play goal, Joe DeMattia with the assist, to bring the score to 4-0.

Phillips clinched the hat trick, with help from Riipi and DeMattia, to bring the Redmen lead to 5-0 over the Flivvers, control of the game now firmly in the hands of Marquette going into the final period.

The third period proved a little less exciting at the net than the previous two. The Redmen stayed firmly in control, however, even as Kingsford tried to get something going offensively. Brennan Hakkola protected the Marquette net and the Redmen took home their 5-0 victory with no trouble at all.

The Redmen will be back in action against Calumet on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 this Saturday, March 6th. Tune in at 5:30 PM for the pregame show, the puck drops at 6:00 PM.

Listen to a recording of the live broadcast.