Marquette Beats Ishpeming Hematites 67-28

He Shoots!

Ishpeming, Mi January 11th, 2023The Marquette Boys Varsity Basketball Team faced off against the Ishpeming Hematites Wednesday night, resulting in a match that will not be soon forgotten. Michael Jay was on the scene for Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9

The first quarter started off with fast action from Jack Quinell of Marquette. The Hematites attempted to steal the lead, but was only able to score two points.  Marquette continued to climb, with scores from Quinell  and  Jacob MacPhee bringing them to a score of nine. Wyatt Lakenen scored a point off of a free throw shortly after a break called by the Hematites. Wyatt scored a two pointer off of a layup, furthering the lead for Marquette. Jan Van Den Ende scored a two pointer as well, bringing Marquette to a score of fourteen. 14-6


Jacob MacPhee started off the second quarter with a  single pointer for Marquette, followed by two more one-pointers.  MacPhee scored a contested yet strong layup yet again for Marquette. MacPhee continued to score layups, reaching nine points for the quarter. The Hematites attempted to fight back, with little to avail. Jackson Jurmu scored two points off of a layup, his first points of the match for Marquette. Van Den Ende scored a point from the free throw line as well as a three pointer. The Hematites tried to stop Jan, but there was no Ende in sight.  Van Den Ende scored yet another three pointer, his second of the quarter. Van Den Ende continued to score at the free throw line, gaining two more points for Marquette finishing off the quarter. 40-13

Up The Court
Up The Court

The third quarter started off  with a rebound from Mason Sager. Shorty after Sager hit a free throw. Jackson Jurmu scored from the free throw line as well. Sager hit a three pointer from the corner right after. Jack Quinell followed shortly after with a lay-up, bringing Marquette past the 50-point mark. Jurmu hit a long two pointer giving Marquette an even bigger lead. Easton Clements got his fist point of the night. Jurmu scored a three pointer with nothing but net. 62-22


Van Den Ende started off the fourth quarter by hitting a free throw.  After a scoring slump Jack Quinell got a well earned bucket. Quickly after Quinell got another two points for Marquette, ending off the match with little effort. 67-28