U.P Football All-Star Game

U.P Football All Star Trophy

Today at the Superior Dome, seniors from 48 different high schools and 16 of their respected coaches banded together for the U.P All-Star Game. 81 players were divided into two teams, Red and Black. Contestants were selected based on the input of coaches and sportswriters across the U.P.  There were 8 coaches per team, all of which were selected after playoffs. The teams competed in hopes of obtaining the U.P Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship and prizes from the school lottery.

Black Team
Black Team

The U.P all-star game gave seniors an opportunity for a final high stakes match. On Monday, athletes and coaches checked in at NMU, allowing them to bond and bunk before meeting media teams on Tuesday. Players were interviewed before being sent to their first of

two practices of that day. Wednesday they showed no mercy during the Skills challenge for titles like Fastest and Strongest Man, the Receiver and Quarterback Challenges, as well as Punting and Kicking Competitions. On Friday, the players enjoyed a pregame All-Star Banquet at the Bottom University Center where they received recognition for their athletic abilities.

The match moved fast with a tie in the first quarter with a score of 7-7. The game picked up in the second causing a 21-28 difference with the Red team in the lead. During the third quarter, the Black team took the lead gaining 20 points. The Red team remained stagnant in the fourth while the Black team achieved an end score of 54.

Red Team
Red Team

After the match, Aiden Bellisle of the Black team and Dryden Nelson of the Red claimed their titles as the offensive MVP’s. Trevor Lippens and Marcus Boase were named the defensive MVP’s of the match as well. Coaches received plaques for their guidance throughout the game. Since the black team won, they will have the trophy until next year at the 13th year of the U.P Football All Star Game with the graduating class of 2023.

Final Score: 54-28