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The Sports Drive: Potential Rule Changes to Fix Basketball?

Marquette, MIJune 21, 2018 – The Basketball Tournament (TBT) is similar to the formerly popular Negaunee Invitational Tournament Class A in that it attracts great basketball players from all over and offers a cash prize to its winner. TBT gives out a $2 Million cash prize to the tournament’s winner, which attracts the best basketball players from around the world whom are currently not in the NBA.

TBT tinkered with a potential rule change last year and this year will be using it in all of their games. The rule change, known as the Elam Ending, takes away the clock the last 4 minutes and has teams play to a target score. Here is a complete breakdown of the rule.

Would this help fix the end of basketball games? Luke and Mark both like the idea.

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