Mornings Are No Longer, Sam Ali Says Goodbye And Thank You

Luke Ghiardi, Sam Ali and Ryan Ranguette

Marquette, MI – 1/12/18 – The Morning Sports Drive will be no longer starting on Monday, January 15th the show will move to the afternoons from 3 pm to 5 pm as, “The Sports Drive”. The Morning Sports Drive, once JR and Friends have been on the Fox Sports Marquette airwaves for almost two years bringing listeners from all over the Upper Peninsula up to date on local and national sports, for one hour each morning. The change will allow the shoe more time on the air and conduct better interviews and will also give the listeners a chance to call in with their opinion. A new segment will be introduced as well, every Friday a “pissed off fan”, will be able to give their rant on whatever sports topic to the listeners. The Morning Sports Drive is officially done, welcome in, “The Sports Drive”.

ABC 10’s Sam Ali stopped by this morning to talk about his moving experience so far to the state of Minnesota. Ali took a job in Duluth, Minnesota as a Sports Reporter/Anchor from Fox 21. This morning Sam talked about his love for the Minnesota Vikings and what he looks forward to with his new job. Sam also chimed in on, “NFL Picks of the Week”, a segment in which the Silver Badger Bill Tibor wasn’t available. Needless to say Sam is picking his Vikings over the New Orleans Saints.

We thank all of our fans here from Fox Sports Marquette and cannot wait to bring you sports in the afternoon on Monday. Tune in every afternoon with Ryan Ranguette and Luke Ghiardi as they bring you up to date on all local and national sports. Tune into Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and 99.9 or you can live stream at the Fox Sports Marquette website.