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Cubs Win World Series and The Curse is OVER!

Adam Carpenter, Ryan Ranguette and John Thomsen

Adam Carpenter, Ryan Ranguette and John Thomsen

Marquette, MI – Baseball history is often changing due to records being broken and certain player accomplishments being reached. The Game of baseball is challenging, the crowd roars on each play and once the play is over becomes a statistic. The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series was in 1908.

In 1908 the United States of America’s president was Theodore Roosevelt, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii weren’t even states yet. The first car was just put through production and was just two weeks old.

The Cubs had not reached a World Series since 1945 and it seemed like the “curse of the goat”, would never go away. The Cubs came out as the best team to begin the 2016 season and will finish as the best team. The Cubs were down three games to one against Cleveland and came back to life winning one in Chicago and two in Cleveland. The Cubs took game seven in a game filled with lots of ups and downs with tons of drama and big story lines. The Chicago Cubs won the game in the tenth inning defeating the Indians 8-7 on Wednesday night.

Ben Zobrist was the MVP of the series and received a brand new camero from the commissioner. The Cubs can finally go to bed knowing they’re finally on top of the baseball world. The rest of the baseball world can finally say goodbye to the curse of the goat and congratulate the Cubs on their first championship since 1908.

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