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Pigs-N-Heat Brings In Over $10,000 With The Pigs Taking Another Win at Lakeview Arena

Marquette, MI   –  March 15, 2017  –  We returned to the ice tonight for the 34th annual Pigs-N-Heat Fire Relief Fund charity hockey game. Sunny’s Mike Plourde was the ring announcer and Ryan Ranguette from JR and Friends were playing the music. The fund is set up to help out anyone who has suffered a house fire and has become displaced, and is waiting on their insurance to kick in. This charity supports a person or family provide for a hotel, getting toiletries, and helping begin the process of putting their lives back together. This event has helped the Relief Fund give back nearly $375,000 to fire victims.

The stands at Lakeview Arena was well packed as it got close to puck drop. The air was thick with anticipation to see who would take home another win in for this annual rivalry game.

With the first face off at around 6:45, the Pigs pulled away with the puck scoring their first goal of the game soon after. The two teams continued neck and neck through the first period. They tied two times during the game but it ultimately came out to the Pigs ending the first period leading 4 to 3.

The Pigs’ Goalie blocking a shot on goal.

The second period turned out to be the complete opposite of the first. No goals were scored by either time for the entire period, however things were still exciting with 3 penalties between the two teams. In the break between mid and final period Mike announced it was time for Chuck-A-Puck. All at once from the bleachers people hurled their pucks over the glass and into the arena. One of the refs got the honor of picked out one single pick as the winner!
Following Chuck-A-Puck, kids swept the ice of hundreds of unlucky pucks and the zamboni ran one last time. Less than two minutes into the third period Mike Peterson picked up a goal on the Heat bringing the crowd alive. Only minutes later, Kirby Franti scored widening the gap between the two times 6 to 3. The Pigs continued to pound the Heat goalie picking up a third goal in the final period to set the game at 7 – 3. With the clock counting down the Heat fought hard to pick up their game putting in numerous shots on the Pigs goalie. Breaking away with the puck again however, #20 Mark Hanes for the Pigs scored yet another goal for the policemen. Immediately following, in the last seconds of the game, #16, Jeff Sims from the Heat snuck in a goal on the Pigs goalie.

#15 – Adam Maynard from the Pigs with his two sons and the trophy.

As the last seconds ticked off the clock, the teams lined up on the rink to congratulate one another. The Pigs, finishing 8 – 4, won for the third year in a row. The team accepted the Winning Team trophy keeping their reigning title safe for yet another year. MVP went to the Pigs’ Kirby Franti. Throughout the entire event Mike was announcing raffle winners. Among the included prizes were items like Donkers Gift Cards, Chocolate and T-shirts or free lunch coupons form Mid Town Bakery. With over 100 different prizes to win, people definitely left happy.

Current estimates bring the total donated to the Fire Relief Fund over $10,000. Keep with Fox Sports Marquette for future updates on the exact number.
Thanks to all the sponsors and donors to helped make tonight possible and keep the Fire Relief Fund going!