New Year, New Attitude – Marquette Redette Basketball – Marquette Redettes (58) VS Gwinn ModelTowners (26) on Fox Sports Marquette 1/3/2017

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Gwinn, MichiganJanuary 3rd, 2017 – After celebrating the start of the New Year, the Redettes traveled to Gwinn Tuesday night to face the ModelTowners. The New Year brought cheer to the Redettes as they defeated the ModelTowners 58-26 on Fox Sports Marquette. The game was in the Redettes favor Tuesday night.

The ModelTowners were on top 5-3 in the first quarter with 3:30 left over the Redettes. Brenda Bruce had the ball, but was guarded by Amber Huebner. With 3 minutes left the ModelTowners and the Redettes were tied up 5-5. The Redettes were hot and took the lead of the first quarter 7-6 on Fox Sports Marquette. The Marquette Redettes wrap up the first quarter of this game from Gwinn High School with a 6 point lead over the ModelTowners, 14-8 on Fox Sports Marquette.

With the entire basketball team on the court in the second quarter, it was Gwinn’s basketball. 26-10 was the score with the Redettes on top! The second quarter wraps up with the Redettes in the lead over the ModelTowners 33-13 on Fox Sports Marquette.

Ryan Ranguette brought you the Pomp’s Tire halftime show. Ryan ran down a full analysis of the first half and covered predictions and what to expect in the second half of action from Gwinn High School on Tuesday night.

Marquette Redettes maintained their lead in the third quarter. 41-15 was your score with 8 minutes left in the quarter. Hannah Balinski came up the court for the Redettes late in the third quarter from Gwinn High School. 41-20 was the score at the end of the quarter.

With only 8 minutes left in the game the ModelTowners struggled to get back on the board. Amber Huebner had 12 points on the night. The ModelTowners get back on the board and trailed the Redettes 44-25 in the fourth quarter. Izzy Peterson knocked down a 3 pointer for the Redettes! Score was 52-25 on Fox Sports Marquette. With 16 seconds left the Redettes lead the ModelTowners 58-26.

The Marquette Redettes defeated the Gwinn ModelTowners 58-26!

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