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Modeltowner Boys Basketball (44) VS Manistique Emeralds (57) on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and 99.9 12/18/15

Manistique, Michigan12/18/15– The Gwinn ModelTowner boys basketball team took on the Manistique Emeralds in Manistique, MI for ModelTowner Friday night action! It was a fast paced game that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, and both teams did a great job! Mike James brought you Honor Credit Union Pregame Show from the U.P. Propane Press Box on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and 99.9FM!

The opening tip-off was won by the Manistique Emeralds, and they drove to the basket for the first two points of the game. The Gwinn ModelTowners played some tough defense, but the Emeralds jumped out to an early lead. Carter Ghiringhelli, with four early points, helped bring the ModelTowners back into the game when they tied it up at 7-7 with less than three minutes remaining in the first. Manistique was able to battle and regain the lead, with a first quarter score of Gwinn seven, and the Emeralds 14.

The Gwinn ModelTowners in-bounded the ball to start the second quarter, but the Manistique Emeralds offense again came out strong. Theo Reddlan played well, helping keep Gwinn in the game with four points through the first quarter, and he added more in the second. The ModelTowners fought their way back to trail Manistique by a score of 18-19 with just under four minutes left to play in the half, and the Emeralds seemed to be having some trouble with Gwinn’s strong offense. Tucker Taylor for the ModelTowners had eight rebounds in the first half, and that helped propel Gwinn into the lead at the half.

First Half Score:
Gwinn ModelTowners: 27
Manistique Emeralds: 24

For the second half tip-off, the Manistique Emeralds again took control of the ball and quickly moved down the court. The score remained tight as the third quarter progressed, but the Gwinn ModelTowners sensed that the win was withing reach. The ModelTowner’s continued to play great defense, with multiple players having eight rebounds in the first half. Manistique was again able to take the lead, with the ModelTowners trailing 33-40 at the end of the third.

The Gwinn ModelTowners fought their way back into the game in, trailing by six points just after the start of the fourth quarter. With five minutes left in the game, Gwinn was still trailing, but they continued to close the scoring gap. The excitement in the gym grew as the game timer wound down, but the battle remained close. With just two minutes left, the ModelTowners trailed 42-49, but there was still enough time left in the game to regain the lead. Despite the tough effort from the Gwinn players, they were unable to make up the difference in the last two minutes.

Final Game Score:
Gwinn ModelTowners: 44
Manistique Emeralds: 57

LISTEN FULL GAME- The Gwinn ModelTowner boys were defeated by the Manistique Emeralds 44-57 on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and 99.9FM 12/18/15

Join us next Tuesday for the Gwinn ModelTowner boys game at home against the Negaunee Miners. Mike James will be there live in the U.P. Propane Press Box to bring you all the exciting action on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and 99.9FM!

Gwinn ModelTowners on the Radio on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and 99.9FM – – It’s good at Gwinn!

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