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Mid-Peninsula Conference Composite Basketball Schedule: Feb. 16th – Feb. 21st


The Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball vs Iron Mountain Mountaineer on Sunny.FM 01/27/15

Negaunee, Westwood, Gwinn… all have fallen by the wayside when taking on the Mountaineers. Only the Hematites have knocked down the #1 team in the U.P. this season.

MARQUETTE, MI – 2/16/2015 – Did you know Valentine’s Day was on Saturday?  While I am a man with a lady to impress on the day, it really made me step back and realize… this season’s almost over!  Between the boys & girls, there are just 65 games left in the regular season.  To put that in perspective, there are a total of 280 games played by MPC teams in a season, so we’re 80% done with 2014-2015 basketball.  I’m still looking at teams like the Negaunee girls and Gwinn boys and think:  ‘They’re going to figure it out.  They’ve got this.’  Maybe they will, but we are 16 & 14 games in here, respectively, and the time is NOW.  You can’t be ‘figuring it out’ come playoff time, because the top teams in your district will be playing for their lives, just like you.


With only one conference loss at home this year, nobody wants to take on the Lady Hematites on their court.

The Lady Hematites had a shake-up at the beginning of last week with the “resignation” of coach Tom Graves, and school spirit was ruled “inappropriate” by the Westwood Patriots brass.  Nontheless, after a disappointing outing in Gladstone, the Lady Hematites destroyed the Norway Knights by 18 points at home.  After his one-game leave, Westwood’s coach Kurt Corcoran brought his team to their third conference win on the season, and still have the chance to finish with a .500 record in conference despite their rough start to the year.  In Negaunee, the girls team is proof that you have to play all four quarters.  Coach Sager’s girls outscored their opponents last week (Calumet & Iron Mountain) 58-37 in the first half of games, but have been outscored a staggering 66-33 in the second half.  After their loss to Iron Mountain on Thursday, Negaunee has been knocked from MPC regular season championship contention.

Gwinn ModelTowners Boys basketball was defeated by the Norway Knights on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and 02/10/2015

The ModelTowner boys are left wondering what’s happened to them. After their 7-2 start, they’ve dropped four out of five.

On the boys side of things, we have a similar view of things.  With only two teams left in contention for the MPC title, the end of the year is lining up to be exciting.  The MPC-leading Mountaineers responded from their first loss of the year with two 20 point wins over Escanaba & Norway.  Their biggest competition for the conference title, Negaunee, absolutely locked down their rivals (Ishpeming & Westwood) defensively, allowing just 20 & 36 points respectively.  Iron Mountain still has two wins in hand over the Miners, but all signs are pointing to a showdown in Lakeview Memorial Gymnasium on March 3rd.  After a 7-2 start, the ModelTowners have dropped four of the last five and are now floundering and looking for a momentum shift in their last six games of the season. Enough of looking to the past, let’s look forward!  Here is the schedule coming up this week:  




Girls Basketball

  • Iron Mountain Mountaineers @ Manistique Emeralds  IM: 48  MAN: 22 
  • L’Anse Purple Hornets @ Ishpeming Hematites  ISH: 78  L’A: 35

Boys Basketball

  • Manistique Emeralds @ Engadine Eagles  MAN: 68  ENG: 59  (Approx score given by Eng.)


Girls Basketball

  • Gwinn ModelTowners @ Negaunee Miners  GWN: 53  NEG: 52
  • West Iron County Wykons @ Westwood Patriots  WW: 40  WIC: 33

Boys Basketball

  • Westwood Patriots @ Gwinn ModelTowners  WW: 61  GWN: 51
  • Ishpeming Hematites @ Marquette Redettes  MQT: 46  ISH: 43
  • Kingsford Flivvers @ Iron Mountain Mountaineers  IM: 47  KING: 37
  • Forest Park Trojans @ Norway Knights  FP: 61  NOR: 35
  • Negaunee Miners @ Gladstone Braves  NEG: 55  GLAD: 45
The Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball defeated the Westwood Patriots on Sunny.FM 02/11/15

After a rough start to the week, both Patriots teams got a much needed win taking on both Emeralds teams at home.


Girls Basketball

  • No Games

Boys Basketball

  • No Games


Girls Basketball

Boys Basketball


Girls Basketball

  • Negaunee Miners @ Westwood Patriots NEG: 36  WW: 29
  • Gwinn ModelTowners @ Norway Knights  NOR: 50  GWN: 42
  • Kingsford Flivvers @ Iron Mountain Mountaineers  KING: 75  IM: 59

Boys Basketball

  • Ishpeming Hematites @ Manistique Emeralds  ISH: 49  MAN: 39
  • Munising Mustangs @ Gwinn ModelTowners  MUN: 42  GWN: 24


Gwinn ModelTowner Girls basketball defeated the Manistique Emeralds 02/11/2015 on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 and

Despite their struggles, the Emeralds still play host to one of the best venues in the Upper Peninsula.

This week fills up 25 of the 65 games left in the boys & girls MPC teams’ seasons.  The girls have just two weeks left before the playoffs, and the boys aren’t far behind.  Let’s take a look at the standings as they stand (updated daily).

MPC STANDINGS (Through 2/21)

Girls Basketball

  1. Ishpeming Hematites (15-3; 9-1)
  2. Iron Mountain Mountaineers (11-7; 9-2)
  3. Negaunee Miners (8-10; 6-5)
  4. Gwinn ModelTowners (11-7; 5-5)
  5. Norway Knights (11-7; 5-6)
  6. Westwood Patriots (4-13; 3-7)
  7. Manistique Emeralds (1-17 0-11)

Boys Basketball

  1. Iron Mountain Mountaineers (16-1; 9-1)
  2. Negaunee Miners (13-3; 7-1)
  3. Ishpeming Hematites (11-6; 6-4)
  4. Westwood Patriots (7-8; 5-5)
  5. Gwinn ModelTowners (8-8; 5-6)
  6. Norway Knights (5-11; 2-7)
  7. Manistique Emeralds (3-13; 1-10)

Thanks to Patty Gagnon, the MPC secretary, we can also look at who’s leading the MPC in scoring & other statistics, if you’d like to see the stats, click HERE Good luck to each team down the stretch as we near the playoffs!

-Carl Leander Johnson    


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