Black Team Explodes in Second Half to Beat Red Team 54-28 in UP All Star Football Game on WFXDH2

Kickoff in The All Star Game

Marquette, MI June 25, 2022 – The Black Team took off in the second half and beat the Red Team 54-28 in the UP All Star Football Game. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau had the call live from the Superior Dome on WFXDH2.

The Red Team Warms Up
The Red Team Warms Up

1st Quarter: The action in the All Star game would start with the Red Team receiving the kick. Toby Wilcox would get the action going with his four yard rush which would be followed by a Cam Kelly pass to Justin Jurmu for 30 yards. The possession would dwindle as a few incomplete passes and loss of yards the Red Team would turn the ball over on downs.  The Black Team’s possession started hot as Zach Beckman would throw the ball to Zach Carlson for 23 yards and Owen Beauchamp would get a 8 yard gain off of a pitch. The hot start would cool as a fumble and penalty’s pushed them back forcing them to punt. The Red team would get the ball back but not for long as Austin Ridl would throw a couple incomplete passes and he would get sacked, leaving the Red Team no choice but to punt. The Black Team would get the ball back but were in a tough situation right away as they got to fourth down quickly. They would convert though as a Jakob Davie’s pass to Beauchamp got the first down. The first points of the game came from Dryden Nelson who ran for 43 yards and got in the endzone, the Black Team led 7-0.

The Red Team would look to answer as they got the ball on their own 27. It would look like they matched the score but the touchdown from Justin Jurmu was called back due to holding. It wouldn’t matter though as a pass from Kelly to Aidan Bellisle would score and the game was tied 7-7. The Black Team would go to answer but they would end up punting. The Red Team’s offense couldn’t take advantage of the situation and would punt. To wrap up the first quarter the Black Team’s Zach Beckman would rush for 8 yards and a face mask would be called on the Red Team, giving the Black Team even more yards

End of 1st: Black Team 7, Red Team 7

The Black Team Looks to Score
The Black Team Looks to Score

2nd Quarter: A Beckman throw to Carlson would add up to 42 yards getting the Black Team in the redzone rapidly. They would fail to capitalize on the great positioning and turn the ball over on downs. Cam Kelly of Red would take advantage of this as he would run the ball in and the Red Team led 14-7. The Black Team would get the ball and find themselves with a 3rd and 10. A 14 yard reception from Tommy Udd would get his squad the first down they needed. On 1st and 18 Trevor Lippens would make a fantastic defensive play and swat away a pass. Dryden Nelson answered with a 27 yard rush of his own. Jakob Davie would tie the game up with his pass to Zach Carlson and the game was tied up 14-14. It would be a quick answer from the Red Team as after a few plays Ridl ran in for a touchdown and the Red Team took the 21-14 lead. The Black Team’s offensive possession started with a boom as Beckman threw to Jesse Duran for 42 yards. Nelson would get them close to the endzone but Beckman would finish  the job as he scored and the Black Team tied the game up 21-21. Marcus Boase would intercept the ball from Cam Kelly and the Black Team would set up shop on offense. Lippens would continue his strong night as he intercepted the ball. With four seconds left the Red Team completed a highlight play. Ridl would lateral pass to Bellisle and Bellisle would toss the ball to Jurmu for a last second touchdown to take the 28-21 halftime lead.

End of 2nd: Black Team 21, Red Team 28

3rd Quarter: Dryden Nelson continued to have a great game as he would score on the Black Team’s first possession but a missed field goal would still leave his squad trailing 27-28. Ridl would toss a dime to Cooper Conway for a big gain. Ridl would get sacked two times in a row but the second time he would fumble and the Black Team recovered. A series of incompletions would leave the Black Team on fourth down in which they would fail to convert. The Red Team would also struggle on offense as they would get to fourth down and have to punt. A 70 yard pass from Beckman to Dryden Nelson would result in the Black Team taking the 34-28 lead. The Red Team continued to struggle on offense but on third down Ridl would scramble for 20 yards and get his team within inches of the first down. Wilcox would convert on fourth with his rush. The Red Team would yet again find themselves on fourth down and would punt but the punt got blocked and Black recovered. A short 10 yard rush from Dryden Nelson would get the Black Team an even bigger 41-28 lead. The third quarter would end with the Red’s Cam Kelly throwing to Alex Naser for a small gain.

End of 3rd: Black Team 41, Red Team 28

The Black Team Kicks a Field Goal
The Black Team Kicks a Field Goal

4th Quarter: The Red Team would find themselves on 4th and 20 but Kelly would throw a complete pass to Bellisle for a first down. Marcus Boase of Westwood would continue his theme of dominance as he would pick off Kelly. The Black Team would fail to answer and have to punt but the Red Team would run into the punter and the Black squad would get the ball back. Tommy Udd would have a four yard rush and then another solid rush but Nelson would break it open with a 57 yard rush for yet another touchdown and the Red Team’s deficit continued to grow. The Black Team led 47-28. The Red Team would try to answer as a final effort but Marcus Boase would get another interception and run it back for a pick six, The Black Team now led 54-28. With 1:37 left Cam Kelly would throw the ball but it would get picked off by John Robinson and the Black Team would QB kneel their way to victory.

Final Score: Black Team 54, Red Team 28

Red Team Off. MVP: Aidan Bellisle | Red Team Def. MVP: Trevor Lippens

Black Team Off. MVP: Dryden Nelson | Black Team Def. MVP: Marcus Boase

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