Marquette Redettes Girls Basketball Team Falls To The Midland-Dow Chargers In Regional Semi-Final 59-36


Gaylord, MI- March 3rd, 2017- The Marquette Redettes basketball team would have a tough task taking on the Midland-Dow Chargers in the Regional Semifinal. Marquette was coming in winning 6 of their last 7 with a 20-3 record while the Chargers with a 20-2 record and 3 players heading to division one schools.

We knew coming into this one it would be tight based on the almost identical records of these two teams but we just didn’t know how it would be a close game. If the first quarter was any indication this game was going to be a tight, physical, and defensive struggle. Both teams couldn’t find their offense with consistency. Midland looked like they would when they started the game 5-0 in the first minute but Marquette responded and held them to just 2 points the rest of the frame and trailed 7-6 after one.

Marquette gets ready to take the court against Midland-Dow.

The second quarter would be really tough for the Redettes as their offense continued to struggle. This might be the worst quarter you saw Marquette play all season. You have to give credit to the Chargers they played very well in this frame, dominating in every aspect. Marquette would only be able to put the ball in the hoop once for 2 points while Midland-Dow was able to rack up 20, and starting the quarter on a 15-0 run. The Chargers led 27-8 going into the half.

The Marquette Redettes played much better, and looked like the team we are used to watching, in the third quarter. Marquette was able to find some consistent offense against this tough Charger team. The Redettes were able to add 15 points to their total. But the problem was they would still get outscored by Midland-Dow by 3, as they added 18 points in the quarter. Marquette trailed heading into the fourth 43-23.

This game was tough sledding for the Redettes. They really only had one bad quarter where they were completely dominated. Marquette never gave up in this one as they were taking on a preseason top 5 ranked team with 3 division 1 college players for the fall. The Chargers would win this one 59-36 ending a fantastic season by the Redettes. They fought hard all year and racked up a 20-4 season.