The Marquette Redmen win Conference Matchup Against Escanaba 68-49

Marquette player shoots a free throw.
Marquette player shoots a free throw.
Marquette player shoots a free throw.

Escanaba, MIFebruary 9th, 2023 – The Marquette Redmen traveled south to take on the Escanaba Eskymos Thursday evening.

First Quarter: The Marquette Redmen won the opening tip off to start off Thursday nights game against the Escanaba Eskymo’s. Jacob MacPhee scored the first points of the game, giving the Redmen two points early in the first. After a few minutes of play Kyler Sager scored a big three pointer for the Redmen to bring the score to 6-5  Escanaba. Marquette held the lead over the Eskymos halfway through the first quarter. There was a lot of back and forth action in the first period but Marquette was able to come out with a two point lead over Escanaba.

Marquette:14 Escanaba:12

Second Quarter: Escanaba started the second quarter with possession of the ball and Marquette quickly shut them down with a big steal sending the ball the other way. Kyler Sager hit a deep three pointer to extend Marquette’s lead to five early in the second. After the three by Sager, Marquette really began to push the pace, forcing turnovers and scoring buckets. Marquette was seeking revenge from their last bout against Escanaba and they were getting it as they led by nine in he last couple minutes of the half. Canyon Medina hit a big three pointer in the final seconds of the half to extend Marquette’s lead before halftime. The buzzer rang signaling the end of the half and Marquette headed to the locker room with a ten point lead over Escanaba.

Marquette:35 Escanaba:25

Escanaba player gets ready to shoot a free throw.
Escanaba player gets ready to shoot a free throw.

Third Quarter: Marquette started the second half with the ball as they looked to keep the offensive efforts seen in the first going. At the start of the third quarter each team had a lot of back and forth action but neither could get a shot to go. Jacob MacPhee had a and one , giving him the first points of the third two minutes in. After Macphee scored and some back and forth action, Jaxon Jurmu found his first points of the night with a big three pointer. Marquette was playing extremely strong defense in Thursday nights game and especially in the third as they held Escanaba to just three points five minutes through the third. Marquette drove the ball down court and a pass was sent out to Kyler Sager who swished a deep three. At the end of the third Marquette looked to kill the clock and they did just that, Marquette led 54-38 headed into the final eight.

Marquette:54 Escanaba:38

Fourth Quarter: To open up the fourth quarter Kyler Sager had a huge steal that he drove all the way down court putting in a lay-up giving the Redmen two early in the fourth. Escanaba began to make a little bit of a comeback as they brought the game back within ten. The Marquette Redmen led the Eskymos 59-47 halfway through the fourth quarter. In the final minutes of the game Marquette slowed down the pace of play and killed time off the clock to shutdown any hopes of an Escanaba comeback. The final buzzer sounded ending the game with Marquette on top 68-49. The Marquette Redmen were able to go into Escanaba and get some revenge for the teams last match up.

Marquette:68 Escanaba:49