The Marquette Redettes Lose Against Houghton 68-42

A Redette gets ready to shoot a free throw
A Redette get ready to shoot a free throw
A Redette gets ready to shoot a free throw

Marquette, MI February 16, 2023 – The Marquette Redettes took on the Houghton Gremlins in their last home game of the regular season Thursday night.

First Quarter: Marquette won the opening tip off to start off Thursday nights matchup against the Houghton Gremlins. Both teams started off with a lot of back and forth action but neither team could get any shots to go. Clea Ollanketo was able to score the first points of the game and put Houghton ahead 3-0.  Halfway through the first quarter Houghton had a five nothing lead over Marquette. Meghan MacPhee ended Marquette’s scoring drought with a nice two point shot as Marquette trailed by three. Each team had multiple steals and both forced turnover after turnover throughout the first quarter. Siena Lingle came up with a huge steal late in the first and took it all the way down court and made a bucket for two. At the end of the first quarter Houghton led the Redettes 9-6.

Marquette:6 Houghton:9

Second quarter: Marquette started the second with possession of the ball and took it down court where they would put up an unsuccessful three. Annika Peterson scored he first points of the second quarter with a big three that put Houghton ahead 12-6. Marquette had a lot of good looks but they were not having much luck getting their shots to go. Meghan MacPhee made a huge three pointer to put the Redettes on the board in the second. Marquette started making a comeback and Brooke Logan found the tying points. As the second reached the halfway mark the game was knotted up at 17. Kyley Elmblad found the go ahead points just after the halfway mark in the second. Both teams were pushing an extremely fast pace through the second quarter as they went back and forth. After losing the lead Bella Lorens hit a big three pointer to give Marquette a one point lead over Houghton.The second quarter was a fast paced hard fought battle and Houghton was able to come out of it leading by two.

Marquette:23 Houghton:25

Marquette warms up
Marquette warms up

Third quarter: Houghton started with possession of the ball to kick off the second half of play, Houghton turned over the ball after sending the ball out of bounds. Clea Ollanketo scored the first points of the half with a three pointer that extended Houghton’s lead to five. The Gremlins started a five-o run early in the third quarter. Marquette did not seem to have an answer for the Gremlins as their lead went up into the double digits. The Redettes were scoreless halfway through the third quarter and Houghton was not letting up. It wasn’t until Eliina Brazeau hit a three pointer that stopped a 12-0 run that the Gremlins were on. Marquette was trying to stop the momentum of the Gremlins but were struggling to do so. Brooke Logan was able to hit a three pointer to help chip way at the lead of the Gremlins. The Redettes had what some would call a disastrous third quarter as they came out trailing by twelve.

Marquette:29 Houghton:41

Fourth quarter: The Marquette Redettes opened up the final eight minutes of play with the ball and successfully took it down court and found a bucket. The Gremlins wasted no time building on their lead as they brought it up to 19 in the first few minutes of thew quarter. The fourth quarter reached the halfway mark and Houghton led Marquette 52-35. Houghton showed no signs of slowing down as they ruined any hope of a Redette comeback. What started off as a neck and neck game in the first half turned into a blowout as the Gremlins won 68-42 over the Marquette Redettes.

Marquette:42 Houghton:69