Redmen Football Falls to TC Central Trojans, 37-28


Marquette, MISeptember 6, 2019 – The Marquette Redmen Football team lost to the Traverse City (TC) Central Trojans in a hard-fought battle at home on Marquette County’s Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 and 103.3 WFXD.

Following a tough loss on the road against Traverse City St. Francis, the Redmen went after it right out of the gate and played a blistering first half.

Marquette’s first possession showed some promise, especially after a whopping 26-yard gain off of an Austin Ridl to Justin Jurmu pass. Though the Redmen couldn’t convert on that possession, TC Central gifted them another chance in short order. Drew Wyble was all over a fumbled pass and Marquette was right back in the driver’s seat.

The Redmen had an electrifying first half against the Trojans.

The game remained scoreless with 3:40 to go, though Marquette had some great opportunities. TC Central struggled with the fumbles early on.

Kameron Karp had a massive gain of 18 yards on their second to last possession of the quarter. Ridl followed it up with a gain of 14 and a first down. It was Marquette’s time now as Justin Jurmu dove for the touchdown and put the Redmen on the board at 7-0 over the Trojans.

TC Central couldn’t hang on to the ball for long. Kameron Karp snagged an impressive interception and brought it to Marquette’s 18 yard line. There was no change to the scoreboard, but the Redmen were burning up going into the second quarter.

The Trojans came out in the second quarter looking to even the score. They did just that with a 58-yard drive to tie it all up at 7-7 and just a few minutes off the clock.

The Redmen took the lead right back on their next drive. Austin Ridl found Drew Wyble, and Wyble took it 78 yards for a quick touchdown. Drew’s job wasn’t done yet, though. He kicked for the extra point to put Marquette at 14-7 over the Trojans.

Not to be outdone, TC Central was able to tie it all up with just a few minutes to go in the half at 14-14.

Marquette followed that up with a  sneaky little gain of 12 yards by Isaac Johnson on Marquette’s next possession to try and make something happen before the clock ran out. He followed that up with an incredible catch and a gain of 26 yards.

Ridl found Johnson on the next play and Isaac brought it home for a late touchdown and a lead of 20-14 just before halftime.

It was looking like the Trojans would trail going into the second half, but TC Central put up a clutch touchdown with less than a minute on the clock. An unsuccessful kick tied up the score at 20-20.

The Redmen fell to the Trojans this evening.

Marquette took over the football from the Trojans immediately to begin the third quarter, but wouldn’t put anything up on the scoreboard for most of the second half.

Marquette defense put a stop to a TC Central touchdown as the Trojans settled for a field goal and a lead of 23-20 over the Redmen.

Following a couple of penalties for TC Central, resulting in 30 yards of gains for Marquette, Austin Ridle found Robert Apple for a gain of 20 yards to put the Redmen in position to take it home. The offense looked a little gassed though, and Marquette couldn’t find the end zone.

On their next possession TC Central’s Peyton Smith put up a 63-yard pass to Trey Searles for a great catch and a trip to their own end zone. They wrapped up the third quarter at 30-20 over Marquette.

Marquette’s Ty Lotterman tipped a Trojan throw into the hands of Desmond Mullen for an interception to inject a little life into the Redmen efforts in the final quarter of play.

TC Central’s Josh Burnham turned around and squashed Redmen hopes with an interception of his own. The Trojans followed up with a Burnham touchdown and a lead of 37-20 late in the fourth quarter.

The Redmen still had a lot of fight in them as the final minutes ticked down. A late touchdown pass from Ridl to Colin Hicks, plus a successful two-point conversion, brought the final score to 37-28.

There’s still a lot more football to go this season. Next week’s game has the Marquette Redmen facing the Sault Ste. Marie Blue Devils on the road. Tune in to Marquette County’s Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 and 103.3 WFXD for another Big Game of the Week! Pregame starts at 6:20 pm, kickoff is at 7:00 pm!

Listen to a recording of the live broadcast.