Redmen Football Defeats Kingsford 31-7 to Win Conference Title


Marquette, MIOctober 25, 2019 – The Marquette Redmen football team clobbered the Kingsford Flivvers at home tonight to win their first conference title outright since 1976 on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 and 103 FXD.

It was a dramatic first drive of the game for Marquette. Isaac Johnson started things off with a scrappy 27-yard carry into Flivvers territory. Austin Ridl ran the Redmen down to the Flivvers’ 10 yard line for a gain of 18, but Ridl went down and stayed down. The young quarterback was helped off the field and Robert Apple quickly stepped up as QB. The Redmen couldn’t quite recalibrate in time to make it into the end zone, but Drew Wyble kicked a successful field goal to put Marquette out front at 3-0.

Marquette defeated Kingsford 31-7.

Robert Apple and the Redmen got their sea legs back on the next drive. Apple found Collin Hicks in the end zone with a 28-yard pass. A successful Wyble kick put Marquette at 10-0 over the Flivvers.

The Redmen preserved their lead going into the second quarter. Kameron Karp had a huge hit early in the Flivvers’ first drive of the quarter. Kingsford couldn’t make anything happen on this drive, handing it over to Marquette in short order.

Robert Apple motored down field to the Kingsford 21 yard line to start off Marquette’s next possession. Apple followed that up with a 21-yard touchdown pass to Hicks to bring the Redmen up to a 17-0 lead.

Kingsford struggled to gain any traction against a relentless Redmen defense. The Redmen took over quickly once again, and with good field position. Kameron Karp started things off with a reception for a 24-yard gain. Apple then found Justin Jurmu with a 15-yard touchdown pass to bring the score up to 24-0.

Kingsford looked in good position to clinch their first touchdown for a possible momentum shift going into the half. Marquette’s John Thomson had something to say about that with an interception in the end zone and a turnover as the clock ticked down. The Redmen protected their 24-0 lead going into the second half.

The Marquette Redmen are your GNC champs!

The third quarter began with an early Kameron Karp interception to turn it over to Marquette at the Kingsford 10 yard line. Collin Hicks easily nabbed the touchdown reception for a 31-0 lead.

The game moved quickly into the fourth quarter with no change in the score until the Flivvers got on the board with less than four minutes to go in the game. Kingsford’s Tyler Kopp made an under pressure 25-yard touchdown pass to bring the final score to 31-7.

Marquette celebrated on the field and in the stands as the Redmen clinched the GNC title outright for the first time since 1976.

The Marquette Redmen’s  post-season fate remains to be seen as more high school football takes place across the state. We’ll let you know when you need to tune in to Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 and 103 FXD for all the Marquette Redmen action

Listen to a recording of the live broadcast.