The Marquette Redmen Hockey Team (4) Travels to Gaylord for the DII Quarterfinals Against the Petosky Northmen (1) on 103-FXD


Gaylord, MIMarch 5th, 2019 – Looking to continue their fantastic season, the Marquette Redmen hockey team was in Gaylord to face the Petosky Northmen for the third round of the Division II Michigan hockey finals. John Thomsen and Joe Gaffney braved the cold temperatures with the team to cover every exciting minute on 103-FXD and online at!

Marquette's first goal of the game
Marquette’s first goal of the game

The fierce action started right away, and the Marquette Redmen took the opening puck drop, but couldn’t make anything happen early. The Northmen had the size advantage over Marquette, but the Redmen had quickness to work with. At 4:00 into the game, Kobi Guidebeck went end-to-end and put the first goal of the game into the net on a laser beam of a shot. Ansel Frost bounced back from a big hit earlier in the game to score the Redmen’s second goal near the halfway point of the period. Marquette continued to control the puck for much of the first period, but Petosky eventually was able to put some dangerous shots onto the Redmen’s goal. However, Tyler Bergwall came up big on multiple occasions to keep the Northmen’s score at zero. Frost was doing great on both ends of the ice, and he had multiple blocked shots by the end of the first period.

First Period Score
Marquette Redmen: 2
Petosky Northmen: 0

Goal #2 from Marquette just minutes after the first
Goal #2 from Marquette just minutes after the first

Once again, the Marquette Redmen won the draw to start the second and get the action going. There had been no penalties in the first period, but John and Joe wondered aloud how long that would last. Shots early in the second period favored Petosky 5-0, and the Redmen seemed to be somewhat overconfident after their success in the first period. Marquette coach Doug Garrow had enough and “encouraged” his players get their heads into the game, and his players seemed to get the message. The first penalty of the game was called on the Redmen for interference, but they successfully killed off those two minutes. Tyler Bergwall continued to have a fantastic game when he poke-checked the puck away from an open breakaway to keep his shutout going. The Marquette Redmen put their third goal of the game into the net on a rebound that was wrangled and netted by Ryan Baldwin.  The Redmen’s sloppy play came back to haunt them however, and Petosky got their first goal of the game when Marquette let their second leading scorer slip through their defense to make it 3-1 at the end of two.

Second Period Score
Marquette Redmen: 3
Petosky Northmen: 1

The Redmen skate hard for a puck in the corner
The Redmen skate hard for a puck in the corner

It was a scary end to the second period for the Marquette Redmen after giving up a goal with less than one minute left in the period, taking away one of their insurance goals. The Northmen’s goal appeared to light a fire under the Marquette players, and they put shot after shot onto the Petosky net. Fatigue became a big factor for both teams at the final period marched on, but Marquette’s Bergwall stopped some big shots to keep the score at 3-1 midway through the third. As the game fell under five minutes to play, the game slowed down considerably as both teams were equally tired. At 14:39 into the final period, the Northmen were called for a penalty, essentially giving Marquette two free minutes where they wouldn’t have to worry much about playing defense. Halfway through the penalty, Phillips was called for a tripping penalty which made it four on four hockey. Petosky was called for their second penalty of the period when Ansel Frost was the victim of a charging Northmen player. Hogan Nemetz scored an open-net goal in the final seconds when Petosky pulled their goalie to make it four to one as the final.

Final Game Score
Marquette Redmen: 4
Petosky Northmen: 1

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