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Marquette Hockey

Traverse City, MIJanuary 12, 2023 – The Marquette High School hockey team faced off against the Bay Reps Varsity in a thrilling showdown at Traverse City. Despite treacherous weather conditions under the bridge, Joe Gaffney and special guest host Kirk Hunter brought the action to fans through the blizzard weather from the Ice Center Arena

Period 1:
The game began with a challenging start for Marquette, as Bay Reps quickly notched two goals. However, Marquette fought back, and Freeze managed to bury the puck into the goal off a rebound from his own attempt, putting Marquette on the scoreboard. The pace intensified as both teams found their groove, neither backing down.

SCORE: Marquette 1 – 2 Bay Reps

Period 2:
The second period saw the game ramping up even further. Both teams struggled to break through the defense until Nash Reepy made a beautiful play, securing another goal for Marquette and ending the period with a tie.

SCORE: Marquette 2 – 2 Bay Reps

Period 3:
The final period unfolded with back-and-forth action. Fisher took a shot that narrowly missed, but perfect teamwork allowed Marquette to score with just 2 minutes left in the game, putting them in the lead at 3-2. In the last 90 seconds, Bay Reps pulled their goalie in a desperate attempt to push against Marquette’s defense, but Kole Kelly blocked any advances. A timeout was called by Marquette.

With only 5 seconds left on the clock, senior Welch carried the puck from Marquette’s zone across the ice and sealed the victory with another goal, bringing the final score to 4-2. This marked Marquette’s 12th consecutive win of the season, showcasing a dominating performance on the ice.

FINAL: Marquette 4 – 2 Bay Reps

The Marquette Senior High School hockey team continues their impressive winning streak.


The Marquette Senior High School hockey team continues their action-packed season. Tune in for their next game tomorrow on Saturday, January 13th, when they face off against Howl. Don’t miss the Elder Agency Pregame show starting at 11:45 am with Joe Gaffney and Coach Larry Karry on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 & 99.9!