Marquette Highschool Hockey (1) vs. Brighton Bulldogs (2) – Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 & 99.9

Marquette Highschool Hockey facing off on center ice against the Brighton Bulldogs.

Brighton, MIJanuary 26, 2024 – Tonight, Joe Gaffaney is our sole announcer, delivering live updates from the Kensington Ice House in Brighton, Michigan, where Marquette Highschool Hockey faces a formidable challenge against the D1 Brighton Bulldogs. Coming off their impressive 15th consecutive win the previous night, Marquette is eager to see how they stack up against the Bulldogs.

First Period:

The game kicks off with high energy, but Marquette faces early challenges. Sheldon’s attempt goes off the crossbar, and Beerman’s shot narrowly misses, with another save by the Bulldogs’ goalie preventing Marquette from breaking through. The first period concludes without either team scoring.

SCORE: Marquette 0 – 0 Brighton

Second Period:

The second period sees shots going back and forth, but both teams struggle to find the net consistently. Unfortunately, Cole Kelly is knocked back by Birchfield of Brighton, leading to a goal for the Bulldogs, putting them ahead 2-0. Marquette responds with intensity, bombarding Brighton’s net, but they cannot break through, ending the period trailing 0-2.

SCORE: Marquette 0 – 2 Brighton

Third Period:

Entering the third period, Marquette faces an uphill battle to maintain their winning streak. Despite their efforts, they struggle to get shots on goal. However, Marquette manages to break through with a goal from Tucker Welch to Sheldon, closing the gap to 1-2. Despite their relentless attempts, Marquette is unable to secure another goal, losing their streak at Brighton.

FINAL: Marquette 1 – 2 Brighton**


Marquette is facing Heartland tomorrow night and looks to rebound from this loss. Tune in to Fox Sports Marquette 105.1 & 99.9 as the puck drops at 5 pm. Don’t miss the Elder Agency Pregame show at around 4:30 pm for in-depth analysis and insights from Joe Gaffaney as Marquette strives for victory in the upcoming game.