Marquette Football Shoulders 19-14 Loss to Petoskey


Petoskey, MI – September 27, 2019 – The Marquette Redmen varsity football team lost to the Petoskey Northmen in a soggy battle this evening on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 and 103 FXD for the Big Game of the Week.

The Petoskey Northmen were on the hunt for their first win of their 2019 season as they were 0-4 at the start of this match-up. Marquette struggled to gain traction in their offensive game in heavy rain and against a tough Northmen defensive game. Though the Redmen were able to make a promising comeback, going from 19-0 to 19-14 in the fourth quarter, the clock became their ultimate nemesis in this frustrating loss.

Marquette put up a good effort against the Northmen.

It was a tough first drive for Marquette. A questionable call ruling a Petoskey interception gifted the Northmen a chance to take over at the Marquette 25 yard line. Petoskey’s Brody Woods didn’t waste any time taking the ball down to the five yard line. The Northmen easily zipped into the end zone on the next play for an early 6-0 lead.

Marquette’s third possession of the game injected a little life into the Redmen offensive game. In the rainy conditions Austin Ridl was struggling to complete any passes thus far. However a huge throw from Ridl, received by Collin Hicks, gave the Redmen a gain of 45 yards into enemy territory.

That glimmer of hope was extinguished by the dismal weather and the pesky Petoskey defense.

The Northmen ran down the clock, and the second quarter commenced holding steady at a 6-0 Petoskey lead.

Marquette’s Duncan Hogan caused some trouble for Petoskey on their opening drive of the second quarter. The Redmen took over quickly, giving way to an opportunity for Brady Wright to rocket down the field on a 26-yard carry for Marquette.

A frustrated Redmen team took a few steps forward and then a few steps back as they had to punt it away in spite of a promising start to their drive. The Northmen took the lead into the second half.

A fumbled snap allowed Marquette to take over at the Petoskey 34 to start the third quarter. The Redmen looked to convert on their stroke of luck early in the second half.

Ridl found Kameron Karp for a 12-yard gain down to the Petoskey 17 only to give up possession on the next play as Petoskey intercepted to take over the ball. Petoskey ended up punting it away as the Marquette defense continued to do the heavy lifting in this game.

Petoskey’s Mason Doe-Nimphie made some moves with a huge gain of 57 yards to put the Northmen at the Marquette five on their next possession. A Petoskey TD followed quickly to put the Northmen at a 12-0 lead, a taste of their first victory of the 2019 season looking more and more promising.

The Northmen looked for Doe-Nimphie again as they took over after another scoreless Marquette drive. The Redmen defense was ready this time, and Dakota Fortin stopped him up in the backfield.

Marquette started the final quarter with possession, searching for a little traction for their offense late in the game.

The Redmen saw their chances of a victory drained with each step of a 60-yard touchdown as Gabe Whitmore took a huge interception and ran all the way home for Petoskey. The kick was good and the Northmen increased their lead to 19-0 in the fourth quarter.

The Northmen nabbed their first victory of the season over the Redmen tonight.

Austin Ridl turned around and found Collin Hicks for a 65-yard touchdown to answer Petoskey as the Redmen may have been down but certainly not out. Marquette improved to 19-8 after a successful two-point conversion.

Petoskey ran down the clock, but a loose ball recovered by John Thomson injected some life back into the Marquette offense once again. This time Ridl threw an incredible pass to find Kameron Karp for a huge gain and a spot at the 27-yard line in enemy territory. Brady Wright followed that up with a 23-yard gain on another clutch Redmen reception off of a Ridl pass.

Karp dove into the end zone to seal the deal and put the Redmen within one score at 19-14 and four minutes to go in the game.

Petoskey ran down the clock as much as possible on their last possession of the night. The Redmen ended the game with a chance to put up a miracle, but no such luck as the game ended on the 19-14 Petoskey victory.

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