Marquette Redmen Shoulder District Final Loss to Muskegon, 47-21


Muskegon, MINovember 14, 2020 – The Marquette Redmen Varsity Football team fell to the Muskegon Big Reds in the Division 3 District Finals this afternoon on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 and 103 WFXD.

After taking down the Oilers in a shock victory last week, the Redmen looked to deliver a similar performance against the Big Reds this afternoon.

The Redmen indeed looked strong on their first drive, but an interception foiled their efforts. The Big Reds were kept at bay by the Marquette defense as the first quarter moved along scoreless.

Another promising Redmen drive ended with a Tyreese Oaks interception. The Muskegon player took off down the field to give the Big Reds the first strike. A successful kick put Muskegon at 7-0 over Marquette as the opening quarter came to a close.

After a largely scoreless first quarter, the second proved electrifying offensively. The second quarter started with a Muskegon touchdown to double up on their lead, the score 14-0. The Redmen took over for their fifth drive of the game to get something going against the Big Reds.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the cards as Marquette went three and out. The Big Reds added insult to injury with a touchdown on the punt return courtesy of Myles Walton. Muskegon opened up their lead to 21-0 with plenty of football left in the half.

The Redmen responded after a 77-yard Austin Ridl pass found Kam Karp to put Marquette on the board. Marquette improved their deficit as the score settled at 21-7.

The Big Reds responded to the Redmen touchdown with one of their own. Muskegon found the end zone once, but the touchdown was waved off. They were backed up to the Marquette 24-yard line, but Amari Crowley found Tyreese Oakes on their next play to bring the score to 28-7 with four minutes to go before the half.

The Redmen wasted no time coming up with an offensive response of their own. Ridl found Karp once again, Karp taking it 48 yards to the house to improve the Redmen to 28-14 behind the Big Reds.

Muskegon snuck in a 35-yard touchdown as Amari Crowley found Jeremiah Dault just before the half. The score looked like it would settle at 35-14. But, the Big Reds had one more score left in them just as time expired. Amari Crowley came up with a huge play to give the Big Reds a daunting 41-14 lead ahead of third quarter action.

Myles Walton put up his second touchdown of the game for the Big Reds to start out the second half. Walton rounded out a long drive for Muskegon, punching in from 6 yards out. The Big Reds attempted a two-point conversion to try and force a running clock, but their efforts were unsuccessful, the score 47-14.

A Brady Wright one-handed catch started off Marquette’s next drive. Owen Beauchamp followed up with a 20-yard reception a few plays later to bring the Redmen down to the Muskegon 15-yard line. The Big Reds tightened up their defense on the next few plays to keep the Redmen at bay, however.

A 31-yard carry for Jacarri Kitchen opened the Big Reds’ next drive. Muskegon once again looked to force a running clock to accelerate their path to victory. Kam Karp came up with a massive interception, however, to thwart the Big Reds and hand it back over the the Redmen.

Karp turned around and took it 82 yards to the house a few plays later to cut their deficit and prove the Redmen were not interested in giving anything away to Muskegon. The score was 47-21 after the successful kick.

With two hours and fifteen minutes gone, the fourth quarter finally got underway. The Big Reds quickly got within striking distance of the end zone to start things off. The Marquette defense showed up in spades, however, stopping up Muskegon and taking over at their own six-yard line to keep some hope alive.

Muskegon was able to stop Marquette to protect their lead. In true Redmen fashion though, their fight never diminished as the time ticked away. The Big Reds’ 47-21 victory was hard won against a determined Redmen team. Marquette ends their 2020 season with a valiant district finals performance.

Keep it tuned to Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 and 103 WFXD for updates on the high school sports winter season. Go Redmen!