Marquette Redmen Football Bests Kingsford Flivvers 10-0


Kingsford, MIOctober 2, 2020 – The Marquette Redmen Football team emerged victorious from a defensive battle with the Kingsford Flivvers tonight on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 and 103 WFXD.

It was a battle of defensive wills this evening as turnover after turnover kept an offensive stand out of reach for either team.

To get things started, the Marquette Redmen had to punt away their first possession of the game as Kingsford took over at their own 47-yard line. Marquette, however, forced the fumble with Desmond Mullen recovering the ball down to their 40-yard line.

In spite of the effort, the Redmen went three and out as Kingsford took over for their second possession of the game. The teams continued to play a little bit of hot potato with the football as the game remained scoreless on the turnover to Marquette.

The Flivvers experienced a little luck as they took a prime opportunity on yet another turnover, taking over deep into Redmen territory.

David Eberhard would not take the momentum shift lying down as he came up with a clutch interception to put the ball back into Marquette’s hands. However, another turnover would put the ball back in the Flivvers’ possession as the first quarter came to a close.

Austin Ridl punched in from one yard out to break the scoreless spell, the Redmen leading early in the second quarter at 7-0 over the Flivvers.

Some action down on the field.

The early excitement gave way to another scoring drought. Marquette was able to make the sack to stop up Kingsford late in the quarter. The Redmen went on to take over on downs, but the Flivvers came up with an interception to take possession into halftime.

The Redmen took over early in the third quarter, Mullen making moves down the field to get into Flivvers territory. Marquette kept the drive alive, finding themselves at the Kingsford 32-yard line.

Marquette ended up punting it away, but the Redmen would take over again quickly. Kingsford’s Cole Myllyla knocked a touchdown pass away though to keep Marquette’s offense at bay.

Kingsford’s Chris Carollo added a dash of offensive excitement to the game with a 24-yard gain. Ty Lotterman went on to intercept the ball but couldn’t keep hands on it as the pass fell incomplete. The play forced Kingsford to punt it away.

Mullen made a couple of huge defensive plays on the next Kingsford possession, including a massive interception to put the Redmen at the 50-yard line. Brady Wright motored down the field to get first down and keep the drive going.

Marquette went on to go for the field goalt, Connor Johnson’s attempt successful to give the Redmen the 10-0 lead late in the fourth quarter.

The Flivvers got one last chance as the game came to a close, but Marquette protected their lead and took home their 10-0 victory.

Tune in next week when the Redmen take on Menominee Friday, October 9th on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 and 103 WFXD. Pregame is at 7:30pm, kickoff is at 8:00pm.

Listen to a recording of the live broadcast.