Marquette Redmen Defeat Gaylord Blue Devils 69-58 in First Game of the BC Pizza Classic

Marquette Wins 69-58 over Gaylord Blue Devils
Marquette Wins 69-58 over Gaylord Blue Devils
Marquette Wins 69-58 over Gaylord Blue Devils

St. Ignace, MI– January 27, 2023 –The Marquette Redmen won their fourth game in a row and their first game of the weekend at the BC Pizza Classic. The Redmen play again tomorrow 1/28 at 2:34 and the opponent is TBD.

First Quarter: The blue devils won the opening tip of the game and took it down court putting two on the board. Jaxon Jurmu responded to the blue devils opening drive with a big three pointer putting Marquette up 3-2. From the logo Jaxon Jurmu put up a shot and drained it giving him his 6th point of the night and putting the Redmen at 8. Jack Quinnell came up with a big steal feeding it to Jaxon Jurmu who put it in extending Marquette’s lead. Marquette’s offense was playing strongly in as both teams battled back and fourth. Marquette led the Blue devils 18-14 headed into the second quarter.

Marquette: 18 Gaylord: 14

Second Quarter: As the second quarter started Aidan Locker of the blue devils drained a big three pointer giving the blue devils the first points of the quarter, the three pointer brought Gaylord within one. Kyler Sager drove the ball down court putting the ball up and drawing  a foul. Marquette began pushing the pace in the second quarter as they led the Blue Devils 25-21. Both teams continued to go back and fourth during the second quarter but Marquette continued to maintain their lead over the Blue Devils. After a fast paced second quarter Marquette came out on top with a seven point lead.

Marquette Wins 69-58 over Gaylord Blue Devils
Marquette Wins 69-58 over Gaylord Blue Devils

Marquette: 37 Gaylord: 30

Third Quarter: The Blue devils started the second half with possession of the ball and Marquette forced a turnover gaining possession of the ball. Jack Quinnell was able to get the first points of the second half for Marquette. Marquette quickly made it an eleven point game at the start of the second half. The Blue Devils ended up finding their first points of the half nearly five minutes into the third. Marquette led Gaylord 45-33 with two minutes to go in the third quarter. A lot of fouls on both teams and a much slower pace led to a low scoring third quarter, Marquette led by 9 points headed into the final eight minutes of play.

Marquette: 47 Gaylord: 38

Fourth Quarter: The ball was thrown away by the blue devils for a turnover that went to Marquette. The Redmen were able to score the first points of the fourth quarter after the Blue Devils turnover. Jaxon Jurmu came up with a huge steal driving the ball all the way down court and putting in a lay up to bring Marquette’s lead to 13. The Blue Devils found their stride and began to go on a little run bringing Marquette’s lead down to nine points. Marquette was able to get things going and brought their lead back into double digits. The Redmen held a nine point lead over the Blue Devils halfway through the fourth quarter. Torino Lamerato hit a huge three pointer for the Blue Devils to bring the game within nine points with 90 seconds to go. Marquette was looking to slow down the game and knock time off the clock, eliminating the chance of a Blue devils comeback. The Marquette Redmen won their first game of the weekend by eleven with a final score of 69-58.

Final score – Marquette: 69 Gaylord: 58