Marquette Redettes Lose to Menominee Maroons on 97.5 GTO 54-30


Menominee, MI –  March 12th, 2021The Redettes were back on the court Friday night against the Menominee Maroons. It was Senior Night in Menominee and the Redettes were looking to play spoiler.  The game was broadcast live on 97.5 GTO.

Menominee Seniors
Menominee Seniors

First Half: It was all Menominee right off the bat with a quick steal and lay-up by Erin Barrette to put the Maroons up 2-0 against the Redettes early. Menominee would then continue to go on a 19-0 run against the Redettes. That was until Zoe Smith dropped a 3-point shot to finally put the Redettes on the board.

The second quarter would be a little slower paced compared to the first. However Menominee would continue to pull away with Emma Anderson hitting a 3-pointer for the Maroons. Redette Maria Millado would try to get some points for her team, but would only score two of Marquette’s five to end the half.

Redette Warm-Ups
Redette Warm-Ups`

Halftime: Menominee 32, Marquette 8

Second Half: Menominee once again kicked things off with Makenzie Wellner hitting a 3-pointer to build on to the Maroon lead. Things would continue to go in Menominee’s favor for the majority of the third quarter.

Marquette would be able to string some points together. Redette Zoe Smith would get a 3-pointer to land home to close the gap a bit for Marquette. That would be followed up with another Redette shot behind the arc. This time it was Hannah Young who would drop it in, bringing the score to, 42-18.

The final eight minutes of play would be relatively slow going for the Maroons trying to maintain their lead. Zoe Smith would yet again send up a 3-pointer to bring the Maroon lead to 23.  McPhee for the Redettes would score four points off the bench and fresh off a junior varsity game.

However the points scored in the second half would be too little too late for Marquette as they left Menominee with the loss.

Final: Menominee 54, Marquette 30

Offensive Player of the Game: Zoe Smith, Marquette


The Redettes will be back in action on Monday 3/15 when they’re up against the Sault Ste Marie Blue Devils. Tip off is at 6:30pm EST with the pregame show live at 6pm EST on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9!