Marquette Redettes Fall 61-37 to Menominee Maroons


Marquette, MIFebruary 26, 2021 – The Marquette Redettes girls basketball team shouldered a tough loss against the Menominee Maroons at home tonight on 97.5 GTO.

Emma Anderson of Menominee got things going with a quick two-pointer as the Maroons came out swinging. The score improved to 4-0 after a bucket from Erin Barrette. Anderson put up a triple to finish off 7-0 run for the Maroons.

The Redettes struggled to get their feet under them as Menominee continued on their streak.

The Redettes and Maroons prepare for a tough game tonight.

The 18-0 run from Menominee was halted by Averie Kelly who made good on an and one opportunity. Marquette improved to 18-3 with three minutes to go in the first quarter. A triple from Rayna Warchock put the Redettes at 20-8 with a minute to go. The score settled at 22-8 just before the buzzer.

Averie Kelly put up two to get the Redettes within 16 points of the Maroons as the second period got started. The Redettes made little headway throughout the rest of the quarter though. The Maroons continued to capitalize on their momentum from the first period, the score 40-12 going into the half.

The Redettes had a lot of work to do at the start of the second half, but Maria Millado got things going with a steal and a double to inject a little life into the Redettes’ game. The Maroons answered with a triple, though, the score 43-14.

Warchock, with nine points in the game thus far, put up two free throws to improve the Redettes to 43-16. Zoe Smith followed up with a triple to make it 43-19. Millado completed a 7-0 run for Marquette to bring their deficit to 22 points, the score 43-21.

Kelly went to the line for two to put the Redettes within 20 points. Smith followed up with a triple to improve the Redettes to 47-28 behind the Maroons. The score settled at 49-28 at the buzzer.

The Maroons were looking to make this an open and shut case at the start of the final quarter of play. Menominee rolled out to 53-28 to put some more distance between themselves and the Redettes.

Kaleah Puskala put up a quick triple for Marquette to answer the Maroons’ early scoring run. Menominee, however, would not let up on the pressure the rest of the game. Despite their best efforts, the Maroons bested the Redettes with a 61-37 victory.

The Redettes will be back in action Tuesday, March 2nd at 7:00 PM on 97.5 GTO. Tune in at 6:30 PM for the pregame show.

Listen to a recording of the live broadcast here.