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Marquette Redettes Fall to the Gladstone Braves 43-24 on Fox Sports Marquette

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Marquette, MI March 17th, 2021 – The Marquette Redettes played host to the Gladstone Braves on Wednesday night. This was the final regular season game for the Redettes before the MHSAA District Tournament. The game was broadcast live on Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9!

Marquette Vs Gladstone

Marquette Vs Gladstone

First Half: Gladstone opened up scoring with Megan Crow putting up the first points of the game. Alaina Trudeau would follow it up with a 3-point shot to put the Braves up by a quick five points. The Redettes would get on the board with a long range two from Olivia McMahon. The Redettes and the Braves would go back and forth for the remainder of the first period. Marquette was able to come within four to finish the quarter.

Gladstone Offense

Gladstone Offense

The second quarter didn’t feature much scoring by either team. Megan Crow started things off for the Braves while Meghan MacPhee would score first for the Redettes. Only a total of eight points would be scored in the entire second quarter. The Braves would head into the locker room with the ten point lead.

Halftime: Gladstone 20, Marquette 10

Second Half: Claire van Ginhoven kicked things off coming out of the break. She hit a three to bring the Braves lead to, 23-10. Redette Kaleah Puskala would score first for her team and draw the foul, but was unable to convert the three point play. Megan Crow and the Braves would take over the quarter going on a 10-0 run. MacPhee for the Redettes would stop the bleeding and close out the quarter down by 11.

Marquette Offense

Marquette Offense

The final eight minutes of the game was very minimal scoring once again. Marquette never seemed to be able to get their offense going at all during the game, but did string some points together. The game was capped off by senior Redette Rayna Warchock putting up the last shot of the game. Marquette however going into the tournament fresh off a loss.

Final: Gladstone 43, Marquette 24

Crossroads Mini-Mart Shell Player of the Game: Megan Crow, Gladstone


The Redettes will be back in action when they’re matched up with Gaylord in the first round of the MHSAA District Tournament.


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