Marquette Falls to Kingsford in a GNC Match Up, 28-14

Marquette offense at work

Kingsford, MISeptember 16, 2022- The Marquette Redmen fall to the Kingsford Flivvers (28-14) on Foxsports 105.1-99.9


Q1: Kingsford began the game kicking it off. Marquette’s first play went for -3 yards. The Redmen stalled on their first drive after falling to convert a 3rd and long. Nick Nora received the punt and returned it the 1 yard line. The Flippers would score the next play by Cole Mila. As the Redmen begin their first drive, second play the pass would be intercepted by Nora. The Flivvers start their second drive in the Redmen’s side of the field. Mila has a big 15-yard run to get them in the redzone. Nick Nora with a 10 yard touchdown pass. The Redmen on their 3rd drive you can see they were having trouble with the rain as they would have to punt again. Once again Kingsford would start in Marquette territory. Second play of the drive Mila would get a gain of 10 yards. Unfortunately next play Kingsford gets a blocking in the back flag which sets them back 15 yards. After a muffed punt by the Flivvers, Marquette would takeover in Kingsford territory. The Redmen would convert 4th and 3 their next drive.Connel finally getting the Redmen in the redzone after a 12 yard run.

Kingsford 14-0 Marquette

Q2: Marquette strikes first in the second quarter. Flivvers would start their first drive in the second quarter almost at the 50 yard line. Noria makes a big catch to put the Flivvers on 2 yard line. The drive being capped off by Elijah for 2 yard touchdown. The Redmen will start their second drive from their 26 yard line. With an overthrow Marquette would stall out on their second drive and end with a punt. Flivvers start another driver near mid field. Kingsford driving down the field easily as the Redmen could not tackle. Adam Duvall seemed to end the Flivvers drive with a big sack for the Redmen’s defense. Kingsford finally punts for the first time tonight. Marquette start at their own 15 yard line for their next drive. With over 2 minutes left Marquette looks to score before going into the second half to make it a one score game. After a drive that started to look good, the Redmen will punt back. Kingsford first play would be picked off by the Redmen’s defense. That would put them at 38 yard line and looking to score before half with this second chance. Wyatt Scott would ruin that second chance with an interception for Kingsford. Kingsford would take knee to end the first drive.

Kingsford 21-7 Marquette

Kingsford band pre-game
Kingsford band pre-game.

Q3: Marquette would start the second half with kicking the ball off so Kingsford would start with the ball. Kingsford first drive throws an interception to Nate B for a pick six, putting the Redmen right back into this game down one score 21-14 still Kingsford lead.Unfortunately with that pick six Kingsford quarterback Nick Navara went down the same play able to get off the field with some help. Nick Noria will replace for the next drive as he as been all over the field making plays. His first drive doesn’t goes as he probably planned. A three and out would give Redmen their first drive for their offense. Redmen’s first offensive drive falls short with another 3 and out. Wallace would come out for quarterback for the Flivvers. After a short drive and a drop Kingsford would punt. Marquette starts the drive at the 18 yard line, needing to go 82 yards to tie it up. Drive ending in another 3 and out for Marquette. After a couple stalling drives, Kingsford scores a 64 yard touchdown by Cole Mila. Taking Kingsford lead 28-14 to end the third quarter.

Kingsford 28-14 Marquette

Captains meet for the coin toss.
Captains meet for the coin toss.

Q4: Redmen would punt the ball back to the Flivvers to start the fourth. Kingsford would fumble but would be able to recover, that mistake would have them punt the ball back to Marquette. Marquette the first team to finally get in the redzone in the second half after a 40 yard completion. A bad snap takes Marquette 7 yards back and having to go for it on 4th down they would not convert. The Flivvers continue to give the ball to their workhorse Cole Mila. Alex Rittenhouse got a lot of the carries as soon as the Flivvers got past the 50 yard line. With about 2:50 minutes left the Redmen would get the ball back. The Redmen’s drive stays alive with a pass interference, but wouldn’t matter as they punted the ball. The Flivvers would kneel the ball to end the game.  The Flivvers would end their 5 game losing streak against the Redmen.

Kingsford 28-14 Marquette

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