Another Contest in the Snow: The Marquette Redmen (64) Take on the Escanaba Eskimos (42) on Fox Sports Marquette and GTO.FM

The cheering section for Marquette came out in full force

2016-MSHS-Athletics-widgetMarquette, MIDecember 21st, 2016 – I was another blustery night in Marquette for the Redmen’s game against the Escanaba Eskimos. The Eskimos got the scoring started off, and they were able to maintain a two point lead for the first minutes of the quarter. The Marquette Redmen took their first lead of the game with just over three minutes left in the first, but Escanaba came back charging. At 2:30 left in the quarter, it was 11-12 with the Redmen trailing by a single point, but a foul would give Marquette a chance to tie the game. However, the Eskimos would hold a three point advantage for much of the remainder of the first quarter before giving up a three to hand Marquette the lead in the final seconds.

First Quarter Score
Marquette Redmen: 16
Escanaba Eskimos: 14

The Marquette Redmen continued to be very successful on offense, making a very high percentage of shots taken, and that allowed them to advance their lead in the first minutes of the second period. They were able to extend their lead to an astounding 10 points at the halfway point of the second, but the Eskimos used a timeout to stall their run. The second continued to be an outstanding quarter for the Redmen, and they started to extend their lead even further as the first half wound down. By the end of the second quarter, Marquette was able to extend their lead to an incredible 19 points, from just two after the first.

First Half Score
Marquette Redmen: 37
Escanaba Eskimos: 18

The Marquette bench
The Marquette bench

The Marquette Redmen looked to be solidly in control of their game against the Escanaba Eskimos, and they held a significant advantage for the start of the third quarter. The Eskimos seemed to lose all hope, and for a majority of the quarter, the game was completely dominated by the Redmen. In the first five minutes of the quarter, Marquette scored 14 while holding Escanaba to a single point, making the score 51-19. Although the scoring was fast and furious in the first half of the third, the second was much more quiet. Marquette and Escanaba both added only two points to their total before the third quarter ended.

Third Quarter Score
Marquette Redmen: 54
Escanaba Eskimos: 21

It was a final quarter of defense for the Marquette Redmen, as they looked to control their lead over the Eskimos of Escanaba. Despite staying close for the first quarter, the Redmen appeared to be the stronger team, and they were extremely effective at controlling the final minutes of the game. Even though Escanaba made a small comeback, nearly doubling their total score of the first three quarters, they weren’t strong enough to overtake the Redmen.

Final Game Score
Marquette Redmen: 64
Escanaba Eskimos: 42

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