mediaBrew Communications Announces Stimulus Matching Grant Program for Local Businesses


Marquette, MI – May 11, 2020  –  mediaBrew Communications has launched a matching grant program providing financial assistance to help local Upper Peninsula businesses recover from COVID-19 shutdowns.

The Stimulus Matching Grant Program (mediaBrew-SMGP) provides a 100% dollar for dollar match on new marketing campaign commitments made after May 10, and executed by July 31, 2020, on mediaBrew Communications radio stations. It also covers new mediaBrew Communications website design and development and social media management agreements.

mediaBrew Communications understands the vital importance of businesses marketing direct to the consumer and recognizes the financial challenges many businesses currently have as they restore operations. The Stimulus Matching Grant Program is a commitment to local businesses to strengthen their marketing budgets to effectively get their message to their customers.

“The grants are a way for us to partner with fellow local business owners and managers to jump start their return to the market place, in whatever form that takes”, said mediaBrew Communications Market Manager Mark Evans. “Every business owner knows the importance of fashioning their message and they know marketing their business is crucial to their success. Our dollar for dollar match will help local businesses increase their ability to speak directly to their customers as they recover.”

Beginning Monday May 11th, any local business that is interested in this opportunity can contact mediaBrew Communications for full details on how the program will benefit them during the summer of 2020.

Call 906-228-6800, or email Mark Evans at for more information.

Click here to see the official mediaBrew Communications PDF Press Release